The actual ARRIFLEX 435 Serial No. 7485, Andrew Lesnie ACS ASC used in “Lord of the Rings”

ARRIFLEX 435, Serial No. 7485 ~ New home at ACS HQ.

First of all, I hope this finds all of you well and ready for a nice Easter weekend.

It has been a while now that you were so kind to welcome me in your ACS office and spend quite some time with us and AMIRA.

One thing I have promised to look into was a contribution to your historical collection.

Like I said, one if not THE biggest contribution ARRI made on a feature in Australia/NZ certainly was “Lord of the Rings”. We are proud that Andrew Lesnie used our equipment on his incredible journey which resulted in one of the best cinematography and features of all time.

One part of this equipment was the ARRIFLEX 435 Serial Number 7485. According to our ARRI Rental Germany manager Manfred Jahn, who checked this in his books, this camera was on main unit of all 3 parts of Lord of the Rings.

Last week I could arrange to exchange 7485 against another 435 from our Cinetechnik stock (so our rental doesn’t lack one for renting out ).

Therefore I am now happily in the position to officially donate the ARRIFLEX 435 Serial Number 7485 to the ACS in recognition of the great and long-time collaboration between the ACS and ARRI and the outstanding achievement of Andrew Lesnie on “Lord of the Rings”.

The camera is on its way to ARRI Australia and Stefan will be more than happy to officially hand it over on my behalf asap to find a suitable place in your office.

Sorry that this took a while but I hope you are happy with the outcome. All the best for the future and as I said in Sydney, whenever you guys are in Munich please give me a call so I can return your hospitality.

Stephan Schenk

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