President’s Blog – June 2012

From the President

Greetings ACS colleagues,

On Thursday evening at AFTRS we launched our ACS book The Shadowcatchers; A History of Cinematography in Australia. 388 pages of history, photographs, anecdotes and more photographs. This was an evening to behold, culminating with the official launch by Director and friend of all cinematographers, Bruce Beresford.

We were very fortunate to have so many featured in the book attending, along with the relatives of so many others. There was Oscar winner and signatory; Russell Boyd ACS ASC, Susanne Chauvel-Carlsson and her son Ric representing the Chauvel family, Carolyn Bruce; daughter of Jack Bruce and sister of Richard Francis-Bruce, Peter McInnes along with Lorna & Julie Clift who are son, daughter and granddaughter of Hughie McInnes (the boy on the first Movietone truck c.1929, and later cameraman), and Brian, Ian & Craig Nicholas, the sons and grandson of the great Bert Nicholas. Matriarch of the Gardiner family, Nita, was unfortunately ill, but Calvin, Geri, Jenni, Chris and Tony Gardiner were there in strength. Others in attendance were Adrienne Lind, who flew down from Queensland, Head of Screen NSW Maureen Barron, Pat Rubie, who was a great help in so many ways, the legendary Storry Walton, Sue Milliken, Anna Howard ACS, Geoffrey Simpson ACS, Anne Bruning, the incomparable Peter James ACS ASC, David Gribble ACS, Louise Seale, Danny Ruhlmann ACS, Ron Windon ACS & Cathie Windon, Hayden Keenan, Jules O’Loughlin ACS, Geoff Burton ACS, Kathryn Milliss, Erika Addis, Kim Batterham ACS, David Brill who made the trip from Tasmania, Eddy Jocovich from Armedia, our tireless Publisher who never said ” It can’t be done”, and the team from Spitting Image.

These were just some of the people who were there, as well as video messages from Dean Semler and Don McAlpine, and email messages from John Seale, Dion Beebe and Andrew Lesnie which were a real treat!

There were over 200 present, and it was great to witness such a gathering of so many fine people in one room.

Special thanks must go to the AFTRS for their encouragement and support, particularly to the CEO, Sandra Levy and AFTRS Production Supervisor; Lisa Olesen.

To our fantastic Publicist; Deb McInnes, along with the truly dedicated band of ACS members, who have given of themselves so generously for such a long time now; David Wakeley ACS, Marianne Wakeley, David Lewis ACS, Margaret Lewis, Mylene Ludgate, David Burr ACS, Geri Gardiner, Calvin Gardiner ACS who, apart from everything else, now has the job of sending the books to their final destinations, Marcus Cocks and the catering team, Kelly Johanson, Erika Addis, Franc Biffone, Dan Freene ACS, the team at Sonic Sight, Maggio’s for taking all the crusts of the sandwiches, and all those others who rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to make the evening one for us all to remember, I thank you and all who attended for being a part of ACS history.

But this was Martha Ansara’s evening, a time for her to simply bask in the key light of admiration for this outstanding achievement. So many years in the making and now time to simply enjoy.

She would want me to remind you that if you have yet to purchase a copy… get moving!

Until next time,

Ron Johanson ACS
National President

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