Paul René Roestad FNF New IMAGO president

Paul René Roestad FNF New IMAGO president

For the first time in the history of IMAGO the Annual General Assembly took place in a country out of Europe. The privilege to be the first was Israel in the city of Jerusalem. The Israeli society ACT hosted with an impeccable organization and endless hospitality the mega meeting with about 50 delegates representing the

universe of the federation. Delegates far away from Japan, Canada and Australia made it demonstrating their commitment to IMAGO and to the fellow European colleagues. The success of this meeting is with no doubt the result of the dedication given by one particular man of the Israeli Society it’s former president Idan Or. Without his great enthusiasm and dedication to IMAGO it wouldn’t be possible to organize such a magnificent crew whom have worked hard to keep the schedule on time as Swiss watch. Despite the news that was spreading all over the world about the unrest in the streets of Jerusalem the delegates were always protected and didn’t feel the tension that is part of the daily life of those who live in the Holy City of several religions.

Idan Or who was many years president of the his association left the post to grab a full time job in the a local TV station in Jerusalem. Idan Or was thanked by the board for all the expertise he had shared with IMAGO all through these years. He was a constant presence on the IAGA’s and his experience with social issues were very much appreciated and his determination and enthusiasm was highly recognized and he received the honorable prize of IMAGO something that is only given to a few.
Following the good spirits brought from the great meeting in Greece, Jerusalem in the same path marks a moment of maturity of the society dealing with problems, administration procedures, creating expectations and looking to the future.
The Jerusalem IAGA will be remembered for the smooth transition of president and change of board members for the first time elected by the assembly shows that the federation has reached a great level of maturity. Will be remembered for the record number of delegates present and the number societies represented and as well for the great number of board member candidates that ran to be elected. The election committee which was always asking itself why the reason to exist was approved its efficient by the number of candidates appeared to be elected and the smooth transition is result of this committees work.
Turkey has joined the federation as a full member with unanimously approval by the assembly. Zekeriya T. Kurtulus presented the Turkish society and the aims of the society.
In the year of elections Paul René Roestad FNF will be the new president for the next 3 years. The only candidate to the presidency was acclaimed unanimously as the new leader. Paul René returns with great motivation which he demonstrated during the course of the meeting and dealing sometimes with some delicate matters with great personality and courage. It gives to IMAGO an insurance and a security that the federation is a good hands for the next few years.

Nigel Walters BSC leaves living a great legacy. The federation has grown immensely internationally. Many societies joined IMAGO during his mandate. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Ireland, Iceland, Colombia, Iran and Israel. The almost unknown became a well-known organization due to the intense diplomacy and global trotter of the president that made sure that IMAGO would be present in any good cinematography event. The intense work done for the British Magazine which the actual administration would like to be continued, has given a great push for the goof image of IMAGO all around the world. This legacy is an immense contribution for the growth of the federation and the image of the cinematographers.

The Balkan Conference maybe is for himself the greatest personnel achievement of his mandate. It’s understandable in a political point of view after the separation of Yugoslavia and the significance for Nigel to reunite several societies in the region in the same table. The close relationship established with the Macedonian film festival is a result from his great passion to defend and promote the arts and craft of the cinematographer. Nigel Walters was a tireless president to promote IMAGO the cinematographers and cinematography all over the world. The return to IMAGO after 5 years of absence of the German society BVK who has left after the turmoil caused by the publication of the book «Making Pictures» was one of the his first intentions when he took the seat. But unfortunately the new statutes approved in order to make a more professional federation in a near future and the move of the registration from Paris to Brussels left the French hurt and the result was the departure of AFC of the Federation. This is maybe the least aspect of Nigel’s presidency that now through the BSC has there is an approach to make the French return. If that’s the case AFC will have a warm by the assembly. For all that he has done for IMAGO Nigel Walters was one of the receivers of the special honor trophy during the ACT dinner.

The committees despite not showing great deal of work, using their own words and their own criticism, the exception was the technical committee who presented an extensive tests of resolution made last summer at ARRI. The committee now will be called Committee for Creative Technologies in Cinematography.

The DRA discussion about archiving is still not very clear between the assembly and the ACK representatives. They insist in using a model for the participation of cinematographers in the process of archiving that is not reuniting consensus. Maybe time will come in favor for the benefit.

The Jerusalem meeting was left with a sensation of happiness and joy. There was left a feeling.

This IAGA will be remembered for being a peaceful, productive and pleasant meeting. There were other times that it was not always possible to get a consensus or a conclusion but this time everyone had the impression that this meeting demonstrates that IMAGO is reaching a its maturity which leaves us with a feeling of great expectations for the future.

Tony Costa
IMAGO website editor

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The new composition of board members

President: Paul René Roestad FNF

Board Members:
Daniele Nannuzzi, AIC
Elen Lotman ESC
Predrag Bambic SAS
Rolf Coulanges BVK
Ron Johanson ACS
Nina Kelgren BSC

Administration: Louis Philippe-Capelle, SBC
IMAGO Legal Advisor: Dr. Cristina Busch
IMAGO Web Editor: Tony Costa AIP


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