Congratulations to all our NSW & ACT Award Winners

2013 NSW & ACT Annual Awards for Cinematography

CAT 1: Student Cinematography

Gold: Kevin Holloway for One In – All In
Gold: Goldie Soetianto for Jackey Jackey
Silver: Goldie Soetianto for Eric
Silver: Jimmy Ennett for Billy Cart
Silver: Jack McAvoy for All God’s Creatures
Bronze: Dale Alexander Bremner for Galatians 3:13
Bronze: Francesco Chiari for Oppenheimer
Bronze: Philip Charles for Depths

CAT 2: Experimental & Specialised

Gold: Lachlan Milne ACE for Woody
Gold: Ella Gibbins for Rufus – Take Me
Silver: Graeme Beck for Galaxy S4 Launch
Bronze: Peter Beeh for Blue Mountains World Heritage Projections

CAT 3: John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks / Promos

Gold: Tom Gleeson for Redfern Now – Titles

CAT 4: Music Clips

Gold: Zoe White for Drive – Beacon
Gold: Kevin Holloway for Guards of May – Control
Gold: Timothy Barnsley for She Rex – P.O.W.E.R
Silver: Tania Lambert for Lay it Down – The Rubens
Silver: Francesco Chiari for This Is Why I Love You by Bec And Ben
Silver: Kieran Fowler for Baby I Am Nobody Now
Bronze: Glen Hanns for DLZ – TV On The Radio
Bronze: Adam Eden for Vydamo – Gonna Make It

CAT 5: News – Local / Regional

Silver: Timothy Stewart for From The Ashes
Bronze: Paul Bousfield for Car In Pool
Bronze: Young Flyer

CAT 6: Neil Davis International News

Gold: Matthew Allard ACS for Return To Sender
Gold: Matthew Allard ACS for Taking The Reigns
Gold: Benjamin Foley for Idlib Sniper Threat
Silver: Benjamin Foley for Idlib Falls
Silver: Matthew Allard ACS for Sea Contamination
Silver: Matthew Allard ACS for Gun Controlled
Bronze: Matthew Allard ACS for Radio Free Sarawak
Bronze: Paul Devitt for Belfast Flag Protest
Bronze: Benjamin Foley for Idlib Defiance

CAT 7: Current Affairs

Gold: Mathew Marsic for Ibrahim’s War
Gold: Dan Sweetapple for Meet The Frackers
Gold: Andrew Taylor ACS for Everest ER
Silver: Louie Eroglu ACS for Hunters
Silver: David Childs for Secret Australia
Silver: Gregory Barbera ACS for Jungle Orphans
Bronze: Gregory Barbera ACS for Jungle Warfare
Bronze: David Childs for Saving the Giant Panda
Bronze: Louie Eroglu for Cry of Freedom

CAT 8: TV Magazine, Lifestyle & Reality

Gold: David Childs for Myer African Behind the Fashion Shoot
Silver: Louie Eroglu ACS for Revenge of the Nerds
Silver: Geoffrey Ellis for The Boffin, The Builder and the Bombadier – Ep 7, Trebuchet
Silver: Geoffrey Ellis for The Boffin, The Builder and the Bombadier – Ep 2, Chinese Firelance
Bronze: Quentin Davis for The Hazel Effect
Bronze: Geoffrey Wharton ACS for Marion’s Thailand
Bronze: David Childs for Myer African Fashion SHoot

CAT 9: Corporate & Educational

Gold: Geoffrey Wharton ACS for Sunland Group
Silver: Jason Wingrove for BHP – Matched Giving
Bronze: Velinda Wardell ACS fro Mania Mania – Babylon
Bronze: Evan Papageorgiou for Hepatitis C
Bronze: Mal Hamilton for Jindilli Farm

CAT 10: Web & New Media

Gold: Adam Howden for Ludivine Furnon
Gold: Lachlan Milne ACS for MTV Exit
Silver: Conrad Slack ACS for Olay – Agnes
Silver: Vanna Seang for University Of Sydney – Go Your Own Way
Silver: Ross Giardina for Only – China
Bronze: Ashleigh Carter for AWCCI
Bronze: Damian Wyvill ACS for Samsung GS4 Everyone’s Changing
Bronze: Warwich Brown for Laucala Island

CAT 11. Documentaries, Cinema & TV

Silver: Peter Coleman for Canberra Confidential
Bronze: Geoffrey Ellis for Building Australia – Ep 5. Federation Houses
Bronze: Nicola Daley for I Am A Girl

CAT 12: Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife / Nature

No Entries

CAT 13: Virtual Cinematography

No Entries

CAT 14: Commercials – Local / Regional

Gold: Ross Giardina for Aje
Gold: Warwick Brown for Rum Diaries
Silver: Dan Freene ACS for Rebel
Bronze: V Line Guilt Trips for Damien Toogood
Bronze: Carl Robertson ACS for Fat Babushkas
Bronze: Ben ALlan ACS for WRH – Loved Ones

CAT 15: Commercials – National / International

Gold: Callan Green ACS for Cadillac Route 66
Gold: Daniel Ardilley ACS for Playboy
Gold: Danny Ruhlmann ACS for Tasmanian Tourism – Go Behind The Scenery
Silver: Danny Ruhlmann ACS for Mercedes, “Master Of All Surfaces”.
Silver: Matt Stewart ACS for Colonial First State
Silver: Lachlan Milne ACS for Coke Zero
Bronze: Lachlan Milne ACE for HSBC
Bronze: David Gribble ACS for Toyota V
Bronze: Viv Scanu for McDonald’s

CAT 16: Dramatised Documentaries

Silver: Geoffrey Thomas for Deadly Woman – No Good Reason

CAT 17: Fictional Drama Shorts

Gold: Dan Freene ACS for Shelter
Gold: Velinda Wardell ACS for Shift
Gold: Adam Howden for Ngurrumbang
Silver: Adam Howden for Treading Water
Silver: Joel Froome for My Mother Her Daughter
Silver: Bonnie Elliott for Transmission
Bronze: Bonnie Elliot for Perception
Bronze: Paul Howard for Taser
Bronze: Ross Giardina for Godel, Incomplete

CAT 18: Telefeatures, TV Drama & Mini Series

Gold: Martin McGrath ACS for The Broken Shore
Gold: Roger Lanser ACS for Dangerous Remedy
Gold: Peter Holland ACS for Code Name: Geronimo AKA Seal Team Six, The Hunt For Bin Laden
Silver: Peter Holland ACS for Better Man Ep 1
Bronze: Toby Oliver ACS for Devil’s Dust – Ep 1
Bronze: Henry Pierce ACS for Camp 107
Bronze: Marcus Hides ACS for Home And Away Ep# 5713

CAT 19: Features – Cinema

Gold: Danny Ruhlmann ACS for The Raven
Gold: Dean Semler AM ACS ASC for In The Land Of Blood And Honey
Gold: Simon Duggan ACS for The Great Gatsby
Silver: Dion Beebe ACS ASC for Gangster Squad
Silver: Brad Shield ACS for Sweetwater
Silver: Damian Wyvill ACS for Goddess
Bronze: Glenn Hanns for Forbidden Gound
Bronze: Andrew Commis ACS for The Rocket

Special Awards

Ross Wood Snr ACS Memorial Judges Award for 2013 Best Entry:

Geoff Wharton ACS Sunland Group

News Directors Award

Paul Bousfield for Young Flyer

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