Congratulations to all our National Award Winners

2014 43rd National ACS Awards for Cinematography

Student Cinematography

Golden Tripod: Robert Bakken (QLD) for “Rain”

Experimental & Specialised

Golden Tripod: Lachlan Milne ACS (NSW) for “Woody”
Award of Distinction: Jeff Gaunt (QLD) for “Starscapes”

John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks / Promos

Golden Tripod: Tom Gleeson for “Redfern Now – Titles”
Award of Distinction: Tony Luu ACS for “Biggest Loser – Titles”

Music Clips

Golden Tripod: Timothy Barnsley (NSW) for “She Rex ~ ‘P.O.W.E.R'”
Award of Distinction: Keir Suggett (VIC) for “Jinga Safari ‘Plagiarist'”

Syd Wood ACS Local & National News

Award of Distinction: Daniel Soekov ACS (SA) for “Election Rural”

Neil Davis International News

Golden Tripod: Matthew Allard ACS (NSW) for “Taking The Reigns”
Award of Distinction: Benjamin Foley (NSW) for “Idlib Sniper Threat”

News Directors Award

Gold Plaque: Daniel Soekov ACS (SA) for “Christmas Island Detention”

News Network Award

Gold Plaque: Aljeezera English

Current Affairs

Golden Tripod: Matthew Peterson (QLD) for “West Texas”
Award of Distinction: Mark Dobbin (TAS) for “Restoring Rangoon”

TV Magazine, Lifestyle & Reality

Golden Tripod: Kristy Campbell (QLD) for “MTV Lenovo CO:LAB – Making of Video”
Award of Distinction: Greg Ashman (SA) for “Dreambuild – Flipped House”

Corporate & Educational

Golden Tripod: Geoffrey Wharton ACS (NSW) for “Sunland Group”
Award of Distinction: Vlad Bunyevich (VIC) for “Penfolds Ampule

Web & New Media

Golden Tripod: Viv Madigan (SA) for “Wasteland Panda Chronicles – Ep 3”
Award of Distinction: Lachlan Milne ACS (NSW) for “MTV Exit”

Documentaries, Cinema & TV

Golden Tripod: Warwick Field (VIC) for “The Earth Wins”

Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife / Nature

Golden Tripod: Mark Lamble ACS (VIC) for “Reptillian Battleground”

Virtual Cinematography

Golden Tripod: Jeff Gaunt (QLD) for “Subaru XV Hybrid”

Commercials – Local / Regional

Golden Tripod: Warwick Brown (NSW) for “Rum Diaries”
Award of Distinction: Matthew Chuang (VIC) for “Kubota Grand X – Sheer Tractoring Pleasure”

Commercials – National / International

Golden Tripod: Danny Ruhlmann ACS (NSW) for “Tasmania Tourism – Go Behind The Scenery”
Award of Distinction: Jeremy Rouse (VIC) for “Bulleit – Anti Established”

Dramatised Documentaries

Golden Tripod: Bryan Mason (SA) for “I want to Dance Better At Parties”
Award of Distinction: Brad Dillon ACS (QLD) for “Raised Wild – The Dog Girl of Ukraine”

Fictional Drama Shorts

Golden Tripod: Jason Hargreaves ACS (QLD) for “The Landing”
Award of Distinction: Velinda Wardell ACS (NSW) for “Shift”

Telefeatures, TV Drama & Mini Series

Golden Tripod: Martin McGrath ACS (NSW) for “The Broken Shore”
Award of Distinction : John Stokes ACS (QLD) for “A Place to Call Home EP# 9 “Cane Toad” ”

Features โ€“ Cinema

Golden Tripod: John Toon ACS NZCS (QLD) for “Mr Pip”
Award of Distinction: Simon Duggan ACS (NSW) for “The Great Gatsby”

2014 Milli Award

Milli: John Toon ACS NZCS (QLD) for “Mr Pip”

2014 NFSA – ACS John Leake OAM ACS Emerging Cinematographer Award

Thom Neal (VIC)

The Ron Windon ACS Contribution Award

Ron Windon ACS (NSW
Ernie Clark ACS (SA)
Mylene Ludgate (SA)
Marianne Wakeley (NSW)

2014 ACS Hall of Fame Inductees

Roland Thomas (Bede) Whiteman
Reginald Perier ACS
Richard Baile-Mace ACS

ACS 2014 Milli Award

2014 Australian Cinematographer of the Year goes to: ……..

John Toon ACS NZCS
“Mr Pip”





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