Australian Production Designers Guild Awards Press Release

The inaugural APDG Awards for Excellence in Stage and Screen Design will be held on Wednesday Sept 21st at the NIDA Playhouse Theatre, Kensington.

The event will bring together some of the best, most innovative and exciting designers in the country to celebrate the art of visually captivating audiences worldwide. Owen Patterson – The Matrix series, Roger Ford – The Chronicles of Narnia, Michael Scott-Mitchell – Asian Games in Doha, Simon Wood – L.A. Noire.

Many of the nation’s public do not realise that it is often Australians designing the international productions that they see.

The Australian Production Design Guild, APDG, was established in 2009 to represent design professionals across the nation’s film, television, theatre and interactive media industries.

The aims of the guild include; raising the profile of design for the screen and stage, highlighting the creative contribution made by the mise en scene, drawing attention to professional standards & encouraging young designers and associated professionals in the industry.

The awards provide recognition for outstanding achievement in design across fifteen categories including feature film, television drama, theatre, costume, make-up and games.

A winner of each category will be announced on the night.

The event will commence with the awards nominations and presentations, followed by drinks and canapés.

Margaret Pomeranz will host the evening with various industry sponsors assisting in the presentation of awards.

For further information please contact: Peter Sheehan – ph: 0439995531

“Production designers contribute an enormous amount to the visual look of the shows that we all know & love. I urge you to support and contribute to the development of this very important guild and their first annual awards”
Claudia Karvan, Producer, Actor

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