New Presentation of Global Cinematography Institute – Free to Attend!

Co-founder Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC imparts hard-earned wisdom.

Behind every cinematic image is the craftsmanship, technical prowess and artistry of a cinematographer. The cinematographer works to achieve a “look” for each scene that’s serves the director’s vision, making photographic choices that when woven together, form the larger tapestry of the film’s story. Cinematography is the telling of that story by means of light, reflected off of characters and objects, traveling through the lens and exposed onto a light-sensitive surface (traditionally photochemical film) inside the camera. Since the advent of cinema in 1895, cinematography has continually been refined by its practitioners, and has evolved steadily as an art form. However, the most profound technological changes in the craft have occurred in the last 10 or 15 years, as the film industry has gone digital.

“Cinematography now is coming through very difficult times,” said Yuri Neyman, cinematographer of the cult classic Liquid Sky, and co-founder of the new school.

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