Kodak – ACS Masterclass Melbourne a success

The hugely successful Kodak ACS Cinematography Masterclass on August 2 – 4 2011 was attended by 32 cinematography students and working camera department members who were able to increase their knowledge through this intensive “hands on” three day event. Held at Swinburne University with 16mm and 35mm camera equipment generously provided, along with specialist staff, from Cameraquip and Lemac, Vic Branch members Adam Russ and President Alan Cole ACS provided additional support. The students were welcomed by Kodak’s Leigh Christensen and ACS National President Ron Johanson ACS who introduced the Course lecturers, Ellery Ryan ACS, Alex McPhee ACS and Brendan Lavelle ACS.

Day One saw the participants break into three groups; On set Brendan discussed and showed via a “hands on” demonstration lighting for multicam; ably assisted by the renowned Steadicam Operator Louis Pulli, and with the students shooting with the other camera on the dolly, the technique of multicamera coverage was explored. Ellery’s group learnt the importance of the collaboration with your Director, lens & shot selection, operating coverage & continuity, etc. Alex’s group took to the streets to shoot and learn how to solve the problems of uncontrolled lighting conditions and difficult exterior locations. And so it went on Day Two, with all groups rotating through on set shooting, exterior work plus extensive theory and screenings that illustrated various visual techniques. Day Three involved a visit to Deluxe Laboratories where film that the students had shot was screened in the suite and the role of the Colourist, telecine workflow and colour grading were discussed with Colourist Stanley Loubanski. The final session for the students was an invaluable Q&A with Alex, Brendan and Ellery. This was an opportunity to discuss at firsthand with these esteemed cinematographers their role, the choices they make and their experiences in filmmaking.

Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive largely due to the “hands on” approach and the chance to learn from working cinematographers, all in all, a very successful event that we look forward to being involved with in the future.

Our thanks go to Kodak for their support of cinematography and Ellery, Brendan & Alex who generously shared with the students, their knowledge and experience gained over the years in their respective careers.

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