Dame Changer – Advancing Women in the Screen Industry

What  Women Cinematographers?

Talented, hardworking, qualified female cinematographers are available at all levels of film and television production. “I can’t tell you how many times I have met someone who said, ‘Wow! I’ve never met a woman DOP before!’ I reply, ‘Wow, that’s amazing—because I know dozens of them!’” …….. “I know too many to name.” 

It seems, then, that the problem lies not in a scarcity of women, but maybe in the fact that people just don’t know how to find them, or think they can’t do the job, — especially the people with hiring power.

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Sexism’s Legacy – Of course there’s a bias

 ‘Working’ means earning a living as a cinematographer and being able to support one’s self with their craft. There are very few women cinematographers who are able to do this, and it’s what we are actively trying to change.” Dame Changer

If you think a woman can’t do a job, it’s because of your mindset and it is not based on facts. Women are judged more on what they have done, while men are judged on potential.

“Women behind the camera are discriminated against first by the assumption that they are not technically proficient enough to be in charge of an army of technicians,” Schneider—who co-created the popular Digital Bolex camera package—said. “And second, by their likeliness to not own equipment. These two issues, rather than any question of talent or drive, are what keep women out of the camera department.”

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