VALE – Kevan ‘Loosey’ Lind (27/7/1950 – 5/8/2017)

Sad news I’m afraid…

I learnt this morning from John Stokes of the passing of Cinematographer and Camera Operating supremo, Kevan Lind, known affectionately as ‘Loosey’.

He passed away on Saturday after a battle with cancer.

Kevan was a dynamic and gifted cinematographer and a truly wonderfully creative operator. He will be missed by many who were fortunate enough to work with him, and those who followed his career.

The thoughts of all ACS members are with his wife Sheila and immediate family. Kevan will be sadly missed…..

Ron Johanson OAM ACS
National ACS President


Series 1 Patrol Boat second unit with Director Rob Stewart.

“Kevan was a very kind and understanding cinematographer. We worked together on and off across the years at the ABC TV out of Sydney when I was his assistant. He loved team work and we worked together well.

Sunday’s spent waiting for Molly Meldrum to come to Sydney for an interview with rockstars was the best. Years later, after I had become a DOP, I worked with him up in Queensland on a US tele movie he was the 2nd unit DP.
The smile hidden under the moustache, the friendly pat on the back and his great big, happy laugh. So sorry to hear of his passing. “

Roger Lanser ACS

Countdown with Molly and Bette Midler.