A Postcard from Damian Wyville ACS

A postcard from


Hey Ron

A postcard from the DI suite at FSM, where I’m currently grading “Goddess,” a musical romantic comedy I shot here in Sydney and in Tasmania earlier this year.

The shoot went really well, nice script and a fantastic crew. What more could you ask for? Fantastic aerials. Not only did Gary Ticehurst fly the aerial shots, he played the chopper pilot in the picture chopper in two scenes in the film, so we will get to hear his dulcet tones once more when the film comes out.

What a top bloke he was. I have only flown with him a dozen or so times over the past 10 years, including the first time I ever shot from a chopper, but he showed me as much respect then as he did a few months ago in Tasmania, where we shot the opening sequence for the film, which looks amazing, thanks to Gary.

His memorial too, was amazing and great to see so many cameramen there. I was hoping, if you haven’t already, that the ACS may grant him a special award or something… just a thought.

Thanks Ron,