A Postcard from Brad Shield ACS

A postcard from

 Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Ronny,

Here I am in the home of the Steelers (football), Pirates (baseball) and Penguins (ice hockey) …Pittsburgh, PA. I am here for 2nd unit on a film called “One Shot” and 6 weeks ago I was here filming an underground car chase, so I am getting to know the place. Caleb Deschanel is main unit DP on this one and Seamus McGarvey (who a lot of Aussies know from Charlotte’s Web) was DP on Avengers, which we finished in early September.

I know you said send a snap from the set, but we have to sign forms that state we won’t share any photographs of the characters, or sets or they can come burn out your retinas or worse, sue you. So here is a snap of one of my happiest days on set … the day my on-set chair arrived from Panavision .The guy on the right is the prop guy (Brett) and he isn’t as happy as me. In the States the prop team are responsible for all on set chairs and the Panavision version weighs a ton. Coincidently, a couple of days after this shot was taken, Brett leant on the arm of my chair and snapped it…happiness reversed.

All good here, my daughters are doing well at school and we are keeping a close ear out for any accent adjustments that are needed. Spending lots of late nights watching the World Cup on the internet and looking forward to Aussie v NZ this weekend…… Go Wallabies!


The very best to all ACS members, hope to catch up with some of you at Xmas.
Cheers Brad.