Ron Horner ACS

Inducted into ACS Hall of Fame – 2006

In the early 1940s Ron Horner was an Optical cameraman at Cinesound’s Ebley St, Bondi Jct. studios doing dissolves, wipes, fades, titles etc. on their productions. Occasionally Ron would also help out in the camera department when they were short of a cameraman to shoot a news story. In the mid 40s he was moved to the camera department as a full time news cameraman under Chief Cameraman, Bert Nicholas. Ron soon proved to be a highly successful newsreel cameraman working alongside Bede Whiteman, a young Keith Loone and the young assistant cameraman Lloyd Shiels. When Bert Nicholas left Cinesound in 1950 to join Herschells Films in Melbourne, Ron was promoted to Chief Cameraman.

In 1951 Cinesound relocated their offices and studio to Darling St, Rozelle and although Ron and his wife Betty were unhappy with the move, he remained as Chief Cameraman until 1955, then handed over the reins of Chief Cameraman to Bede Whiteman.

Ron then went into a brief business partnership with documentary producer/director Maurice Power, but the partnership was short lived. Following the start of television in 1956 Ron joined Visatone Studios at North Sydney, then later moved over to Artransa Studios at French’s Forest. He then decided to freelance for a number of years shooting documentaries and TV commercials, then briefly returned to Cinesound in the late 1960s.

In 1958 he played a major role in the establishment of the Australian Cinematographers Society, in late 1963 he became the second President following Syd Wood’s decision to step down after six years as ACS President. Ron remained as President till 1969 then stepped down in favour of Jack Gardiner ACS. In 1962 he edited the ACS’s first magazine, a simple Roneod publication entitled, Australian Cinematographers Society (Official Edition).

He was a devoted member of the ACS and served on the executive committee for many years, and was granted Accreditation Certificate No. 20 in 1963. In 2006 he was posthumously inducted into the ACS Hall of Fame.

Footnote: I had the privilege of knowing Ron & Betty Horner since 1948, I was only 15 years old when we first met, they were both lovely people, but Ron was a true inspiration to me from that day on. He was always a thorough gentleman, always courteous but meticulous, and set a fine example for all those around him.
Ron Windon ACS