Ernie Clark ACS

Inducted into ACS Hall of Fame – 2006

Ernie Clark joined the film industry in 1971 as a trainee in the camera department at Browning Productions in Melbourne at the age of seventeen. He received training by the talented Volk Mol ACS and Malcolm Richards ACS, and given an education in the film industry by the multi-skilled Director Mike Browning. He also assisted many other wonderful DOP’s during this time including Peter James ACS ASC, Ron Johanson ACS, Dudley Robinson, Len Heitman, Graham Lind ACS, Keith Wagstaff ACS and Peter Purvis.

In 1976 Ernie joined Total Film & Video Productions as Lighting Cameraman. A few years later he went freelance, DOP’ing TVC’s as well as beginning to shoot drama. His first major drama production was the mini series about Ned Kelly, The Last Outlaw, shot in 1980. He was then invited to shoot a mini series for the South Australian Film Corporation and Adelaide became his adopted home and, besides a gig as Director/DOP at Great Southern Films Melbourne in 1985-86, it has been his base ever since.

During the early eighties Ernie was involved in many projects including The Term of His Natural Life, Robbery Under Arms, Under Capricorn and Indecent Obsession to name a few. Between these projects he was Director/DOP filming TVC’s for Directors Film & Video in Adelaide. In 1986 he established the commercial production company Great Southern Films Adelaide.

Australian Cinematographers Society accreditation was bestowed on him in 1983. He holds certificate #145 and in 2006 was inducted into the ACS Hall of Fame. In 2003 the Adelaide Art Directors Club presented Ernie the President’s Prize for services to the advertising industry. He has gained numerous awards for cinematography and direction including the AADC Master’s Chair Craft Award in 2010.

He is actively involved in the SA branch of the ACS, first joining the committee in 1996. He became SA President in 2003 and has been President and sponsorship co-ordinator since 2008.

Ernie became one of the National Vice Presidents in 2008 and is involved in committees including Policy, Hall of Fame and Awards Categories. He has judged many State and National ACS awards and been on a number of Accreditation panels.