David Burr ACS

Inducted into ACS Hall of Fame – 2010

David got his start in 1968 at Cinesound in Balmain as assistant cameraman to Ross Blake and Kevin Roche. Initially he worked mostly on news stories, but was also getting much valued experience by assisting on TV commercials and documentaries for highly regarded cinematographers Ron Horner ACS, George Lowe ACS, Bob Wright ACS, Keith Loone ACS and Alan Grice ACS.

Following his three year stint at Cinesound, he was invited by John McLean ACS to join the boutique and newly formed production company Segway Productions of which McLean was a partner, as assistant cameraman.

Sometime later John McLean was offered the position of camera operator on the British feature film ‘Sunstruck’ with British DoP Brian West, John accepted and took David along as clapper/loader. This film gave birth to a sparkling career, for the taste of feature film production captivated and convinced him that his future now lay in feature films. John, impressed by his young assistant’s enthusiasm then appointed David as Focus Puller for the Peter Weir film ‘The Cars That Ate Paris’ followed by the Yorkshire Television series ‘Luke’s Kingdom’.

David then went freelance and soon built an excellent reputation for himself, and was soon in much demand as focus puller, then as operator on many feature films. In 1987 his dreams came true, he was offered his first feature film as Director of Photography. It was for the film ‘Those Dear Departed’ with director Ted Robinson. This was certainly an exciting and defining moment and led to him being Director of Photography on many more feature films both in Australia and overseas.

David, widely regarded as an outstanding cinematographer is an accredited member of the ACS, and proud winner of the Milli Award. David was named Cinematographer of the Year in 1987 for his superb photography of the Paramount film “The Phantom” directed by Simon Wincer.

David is a dedicated member of the ACS and was inducted into the ACS Hall of Fame in 2010 in recognition of his devoted service to the society.