David (Spider) Lewis ACS

Inducted into ACS Hall of Fame – 2010

A Cinematographer since 1975. David has worked continuously on television dramas, feature films, tvc’s, short films and educational documentaries as Director of Photography or Cameraman/Director. David is also the winner of numerous International and Australian cinematography awards.

David began his film career in 1970 at Crawford’s in Melbourne. Soon after he joined the company he was assigned to the camera department as an assistant cameraman on the highly successful television series ‘Homicide” “Division 4” and “Matlock” assisting DoPs Dan Burstal, Igor Auzins and Vince Monton. Two years later Crawford’s were involved in the production of the US Television feature “Hands of Cormac Joyce” and David was assigned as focus puller to Director of Photography John McLean ACS. The following year he got to work on “Alvin Purple” pulling focus for camera operator John Seale ACS and DoP Robin Copping ACS. In 1975 he left Crawford’s to freelance as a Director of Photography.

It didn’t take long before he made an impact and be summoned to shoot television commercials for Melbourne and Sydney’s leading directors and production houses. He then applied for, and was granted a US work visa. This resulted in him being a regular traveller to the US to shoot commercials for production companies and Ad agencies in both Los Angeles and New York. Apart from shooting countless TV commercials, he has shot numerous music videos, short films, docos and was DOP on the Indonesian feature film “Apa Artinya Apa? (What is the Meaning of Love)

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