Vale – Rod Coats ( – 2016)

A moving tribute to ABC TV Cinematographer, Rod Coats, from long-time friend Tom Gelai:

I’ve been friends with Rod for 40 odd years, beginning with our cinematography apprenticeship in the ABC film department. Over those 40 years we have been there for each other, through life’s ups and downs.

Rod loved to entertain and was always looking to make a party of special, and sometimes not so special, moments. He made the effort to stay in touch with all of his friends.

Rod and Mandy both centered much of their lives around their daughter Emily. They were also always available to help out and interested in the lives of the children of their friends. My eldest son of 36 remembers Rod fondly and today my 14 year old son asked if he could go to Rod’s funeral because he liked him.

Rod loved what he loved – his friends, his knives, his knots, his cooking. I love the way that Rod loved his job and his mates at the ABC and never wanted to leave. He felt the same about his Caulfield Grammar days and school mates.

Rod was so strong and hopeful in the tough times he endured over the last few years.

Goodbye friend