Vale – Mark Toia

Honorary ACS member Mark Toia died in Brisbane, Australia on 23 October 2023

Mark was quite unique, a powerhouse to all that knew and worked with him.

He was driven and a perfectionist. He started up his own production company becoming an industry leader in Brisbane with his production house and studios.The boy from Papakura shot awarding winning short films for leading brands all over the world.

An early adopter of digital tech he fell in love with the Red camera system a worked closely with Red to develop the camera, lens and ancillary gear. Mark knew his camera kit and lens like no other, he was a director, DOP & operator. Discovering the Shotover System was a marriage made in heaven. Mark was a true adopter.

Not content with directing, shooting and framing his films he took to Digital editing like a duck to water often cutting the days material back in his hotel room after a long day on location or glued to the laptop on the long flight home from a shoot. He cut his own films, mastered grading & colourising before adding in VFX to his long list of talents.

He’s gone too soon, but left us with a legacy that not only can you succeed by you can also excel…

Farewell old bean, I’m sure, that without a doubt he will be wearing his bloody crocs to that big hangi in the sky.

Director Roger Tompkins