Vale – Jane Scragg (nee Cole) 1942 – 2017

It is with great sadness that I wish to advise all members and associates of the ACS that Jane Scragg has died after a long fight with cancer at 8am on January 31st in Brisbane.

Jane Scragg (nee Cole) was a woman of great generosity and grace, and an Honorary Member of the ACS, having assisted the famous Edwin Scragg ACS during his term as both the Federal and Queensland President of the ACS.

Jane was born in Tanga in Tanganyika in 1942 and lived later in Kenya, where Africanisation forced the white settlers off their farms. The Cole family decided to sail from Mombassa, Kenya to Nelson in NZ including her 93-year-old grandmother, in a trimaran which they built themselves.

Sir Mohinder Dillon filmed her and the family for Pathe News in 1966 and it was pleasure for Denise my wife, to track down the story and show it to Jane who had little memory of Mohinder filming the occasion of their departure. But Jane loved seeing it last week!