VALE – Chris Owen (1944 – 2018)

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Chris Owen on Friday morning 9th March. Chris died peacefully in his sleep overnight.

Just a few weeks ago, on Thursday February 22nd, Roger Lanser ACS, David Lewis ACS and I had the pleasure, on behalf of the ACS, of presenting Chris with Honorary ACS membership and a Special Contribution Award for his ‘Outstanding contribution to ethnographic filmmaking recording the culture and traditions of Papua New Guinea’ at his nursing home in Canberra. It was a very moving and rewarding day for us in the presence of a man who has done so much to record the ethnicity of our nearest neighbour.

Chris had lived and worked in PNG for nearly 40 years and was recognised by the PNG government with an Officer of the Order of Logohu medal in 2010.

For more about Chris go to follow the link below.

Chris will be deeply missed by his colleagues and friends but will always be remembered in the ACS archives.

Ted Rayment ACS


I found visiting and presenting Chris Owen his ACS membership and award very gratifying.

To hear of his death so soon after is very saddening to me. To hold the humble hand of a cinematographer who filmed so much and gave back to his adopted people I found very meaningful. He had the blank stare of a man without sight but it seemed we let the sunshine in for a moment with our presentation and presence.
I’m sure his spirit will live in the tropical breeze that blows west onto the palm-fringed coast of New Guinea and his name will be spoken with high praise amongst all who knew him.

Farewell Chris Owen.

Roger Lanser ACS
NSW ACS Branch President