Postcard from Geoffrey Simpson ACS ~ Shanghai

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Greetings from Shanghai!

We’ve just passed Shoot Day 106# on Chen Kaige’s “A Monk in a Floating World” we hope we are past halfway.

It’s a story of a Monk who leaves his Mountain Temple to fend for himself in Hangzhou in the 1930’s, a peak period of martial arts in China…so a Kung Fu movie with some humanity, some poetry, some beautiful images, stunning sets and landscapes, some goofy humour and some fighting…a huge amount of fighting actually.

I have help from Gaffer; Michael Adcock, Adrien Seffrin First AC, Chris Reig DIT and we had Key Grip, Jay Munro from NZ with us until he retired from the field with stomach problems, we certainly wish him well.

Just had two days of work on West Lake in beautiful Hangzhou… someone took this quick snap of a set up but I will try for more…

They are all good guys and hard workers, who normally work seven-day weeks.

We are all a bit tired here as the week included a meeting the Yu Yao Mayor dinner, where there are several toasts where one has to skull a full glass of expensive French Red and show your empty glass on completion… it was difficult to drink such good wine so quickly, but we managed.

We then had a four am start for the three hour drive to Hangzhou for two days work then drive back to Yu Yao Resort last night where we are now. Eight days of night shooting starting tonight…huge Kung Fu fight on a basketball court.

This is such an amazing adventure…I have been here since December 10, 2013 and we may well be here after September 2014…..who knows.