Postcard from ACT member Jimmy Ennett

A postcard from

 New South Wales
Modified golf cart used during the filming of Graduate Short Film “Billy Cart”


Hi Everyone,

I am in post-production for my graduate short film “Billy Cart”, which would be a very different film if it weren’t for the techniques and experience that I gleaned from working with Garry Phillips ACS on “The Railway Man”, an opportunity afforded to me through the NFSA-ACS John Leake OAM ACS Award from last year.

When I was trying to think of a practical, cheap and safe way of filming a 9 year old kid going down a steep hill on an old billy cart, I thought of the simplicity in engineering that Garry spoke of with his past films.

I managed to call in some favours from a friend who owns a golf cart and built a wooden frame to attach the billy cart to the back of the golf cart. This allowed me to sit in the passenger side of the golf cart and shoot the scene from directly in front of the billy cart (which also acted as a brake so that our 9 year old actor was safe).

I was recently awarded a grant from the ACT government to film a proof-of-concept short film and have just moved to Sydney from Canberra to try my luck working wherever I can in this amazing industry.

I look forward to seeing you all at the National Awards in my home town this year.