A Postcard From Brad Shield ACS

A postcard from


Hi guys,

I have just finished working on a movie called Sweetwater, although the title is subject to change. The guys in the photo with me are Logan and Noah Miller, twin brothers who write and direct together. They don’t normally look like this as they also acted in the film.

It is a western starring Ed Harris, January Jones and Jason Issacs. We had a terrific crew and some amazing locations. The real stars though are the brothers. They are wonderful guys and really prepared, creative directors. I wish their film all the very best in the hope that they get to direct a heap more.

We had to do a chase sequence through a sheep pen. One of the grips came up with the idea of mounting the camera to the bottom of the crane and we were able to run through the narrow alleyways, chasing and leading our actress. It’s probably not the first time it has been done, but it was the first time I had done it and sure saved my back a heap of pain.

Hope all is well at home. See you soon.