A Postcard from Bonnie Elliot

A postcard from

 Phnom Penh
Bonnie Elliott and crew in Cambodia, focus puller Gerard Maher standing behind Bonnie.

Hi guys,

Just on my way home from Phnom Penh after wrapping up on movie called „The Last Reel’s” the debut feature of a Cambodian woman, Kulikar Sotho, who has previously worked as a line producer on Wish You Were Here and Tomb Raider, amongst other things. She also has a tourism business – some of her tour guides came to work on the crew as it was off season so we had some very informative times in the mini bus on the way to set!

The crew was mostly Cambodian, but with some Irish, English, Canadian, American and Australian imports in various roles. I was lucky enough to bring focus puller Gerard Maher over with me, who really did a sterling job under some tough conditions.

May is the hottest time of year to film over there ˆ just before the wet season ˆ which well and truly arrived on our last day of shooting, the streets of Phnom Penh were suddenly small rivers!

My Cambodian lighting and grip team were lovely guys, and they worked very hard and sang karaoke very well on a Friday night! It has been an amazing adventure, full of chaos and fun, and some of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever filmed in ˆ including the amazing Angkor Watˆ.

Look forward to catching up back in Australia sometime soon.

All the best