Vic John ACS

Inducted into ACS Hall of Fame – 1998

Vic was one of the oldest members of the ACS Victorian Branch. He passed away peacefully on May 25th at the age of 86.

I first met Vic at a meeting at the studios of GTV 9 in the 1960’s. At that meeting there was a group of people who had the vision to form the Victorian branch of the Australian Cinematographers Society and illustrate to the film and TV industry the professionalism of Cinematographers. Since then it has survived mainly because of the dedication of its members.

I once saw a sculpture exhibition filmed by Vic the film was a sculpture in itself, highly artistic. The artist was amazed at what Vic interpreted through the lens using very artistic lighting. Vic worked as a Cinematographer for the ABC until his retirement. He filmed many productions from News to Drama and was highly regarded by the producers and management of the ABC. He was a DOP on the popular TV series “Bellbird” for 10 years.

He was a Life member of the Australian Cinematographers Society and served the Victorian branch of the society for many years both as a committee member President.

Vic served as a navigator in the RAF bomber squadron during World War 2 and flew many missions over Berlin.

Almost from day one of the Victorian branch of the society Vic was on the committee. During the committee meetings if a constitutional point was raised Vic would have the answer. He carried the rule book around with him like a Bible. Ready to dispute any committee person who was going astray and thought that they were right during points of order. Vic won most of the constitutional arguments.

Vic was always immaculately dressed with a suit or jacket a tie and a hat. During his filming career, whether he was filming a news story, or a drama segment he was always well dressed for whatever the occasion.

Vic was accredited in 1968, he was a first class cameraman and a very likeable guy and friend to all.

Barry Woodhouse ACS