Terrance Byrne ACS


Inducted into ACS Hall of Fame – 2021

Born in February 1925, ‘Terry’ as he is known is an accomplished Director of Photography, cinematography teacher and mentor. At the age of sixteen he enlisted in the Australian Army only to be told twenty months later he was too young to enlist.

He was honourably discharged and then recalled once he turned eighteen, six weeks later! Due to partial colour blindness Terry was not eligible to qualify as a pilot but as a crew chief responsible for the flying upkeep of ‘Tiger Moths’ and ‘SP Oxfords’. He gained his glider pilot license in 1963 and Terry’s love of flying continues today.

In the 1960’s Terry was the on-camera face of ‘Westinghouse Wide World of Sport’ and was Australia’s first TV motoring reporter, where to supplement his on-camera pieces, he and a colleague would shoot B Roll on a Bell and Howell 70DR to document the car in action. This is when Terry first discovered his love of cinematography.

In 1967 Terry embarked on a career with the ABC until he retired in early 1990. His credits included Big Country, Four Corners, Current Affairs, This Day Tonight and TV Drama using a young camera operator named Steve Windon.

Terry Byrne was awarded his ACS Accreditation #136 in March 1980 presented by NSW President Bruce Hillyard ACS, because of his outstanding work on the documentary ‘High Otto’ which tells the story of Sydney Symphony Orchestra conductor Willem van Otterloo. Terry was faced with the enormous challenge of lighting the Concert Hall at The Sydney Opera House. Terry devised a lighting plan that incorporated some of the existing Opera House lighting that would satisfy all of the limitations imposed. Terry’s innovations were adopted by the Opera House and are still relevant today.

Terry Byrne ACS has never sought recognition, never wanted to be in the limelight, never felt the need to enter awards, he just believed in doing good work and displays great humility to this day.

At the time of his HOF induction Terry continues his love of motor sport and his love of flying while continuing his passion for cinematography. Innovative, resourceful and modest while having a long and illustrious career in the Australian film and television industry, Terry’s proudest achievement is being a father, a grandfather and a great grandfather of seven, all of whom have grown up with Terry’s integrity and ethics combined with a great sense of humour.

Terry Byrne ACS truly belongs in the ACS Hall of Fame.