Bob Miller ACS – Technical and Innovation Achievement Award

The Bob Miller – ACS Technical & Innovation Achievement Award is named after the inventor of the world’s first fluid action tripod head, Bob Miller. This annual award is given to members who have contributed by way of technical and/or innovative practical ideas that have helped the industry to advance.

The award comprises $1,000.00 in cash and a $2,000.00 Miller voucher enabling the recipient to purchase any Miller Camera Support product at 40% discount off list price directly from Miller. In addition, Miller has donated an LP54 in a wooden case and a special plaque, which reside in the ACS National headquarters. The name of the award recipient is engraved on the LP 54 Classic plaque, each year, in perpetuity.


2023Mark RuffVICAvatar Factory – Mobile cyberscanning system
2022Pawel Achtel ACSTASFor his innovative approach to designing and manufacturing the Achtel 9×7 camera, possessing a level of performance which has never been possible from a true global shutter sensor design.
2021  No award presented
2020  No award presented
2019Mark RuffVICFor development of a cost effective method of providing 3D Avatars of people and an Augmented Reality delivery system.
2018Tom Waugh & Chris FoxTASFor design, development and manufacture of a unique suite of components, which enable quick changeover between gimbal and other traditional single camera production modes.
2017Paul NicholaNSWFor design, development and manufacture of the 360 x 60 HDR Panoramic Camera System to be used in the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Beijing, along with motion control rigs and other specialized motion picture equipment, including 3D rigs, digital cinema cameras and recognition as a Visual Effects Supervisor, Director and Cinematographer.
2016Lester BishopNSWFor design and manufacture of specialized motion picture equipment including the Brolga Crane, Orbital Arm and Dingo Stabilized Remote Head, as well as numerous rigs, dollies and tracks.
2015Pawel Achtel ACSTASFor design and manufacture of DEEP X and 3DEEP underwater housings for shooting in 2D and 3D.