ISSUE 74 – June 2017

Colombian Connection

Award-winning James L Brown ACS travels to the urban jungles of Colombia to help bring a deeply personal story, Killing Jesús, to the screen. Story and interview by James Cunningham.

Horror Show

Shot by Toby Oliver ACS and premiering at the Sundance Film Festival early this year, Get Out, an interracial horror film, has received universal acclaim from critics and has become the highest-grossing debut film based on an original screenplay in Hollywood history. By Hawkins DuBois.

Troubled Waters

When a celebrated artist begins an affair with a nightclub owner’s wife, her husband’s suspicions soon explode… before he ends up at the bottom of a lake. Indigo Lake is the third feature film from cinematographer Rodrigo Vidal Dawson (Observance, Skin Deep). By Rodrigo Vidal Dawson.

Live To Tell

Mark Wareham ACS films the true story of a landmark legal case against the Anglican Church and the sexual abuse survivor in Queensland, who found the courage to speak out. Featuring Jack Thompson and Rachel Griffiths, the award-winning Don’t Tell hits cinemas this month. Interview by James Cunningham.

Magic Dance

Four years after the last season of Emmy-nominated ABC television series Dance Academy, cast and crew alike reunite for a drama-filled feature film shot by Martin McGrath ACS. Interview by Jenna McMahon.

Man O’ War

It’s all hands on deck as blockbuster cinematographer Paul Cameron ASC takes the helm for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales on the Gold Coast for the fifth chapter in the mammoth Disney series. By David Alexander Willis.