Dealing with Screen Australia: Policy Committee 2010

The ACS still has a Policy Committee in place, ready to address policy issues as they arise and to initiate policy discussions as and when necessary. Over the past year, the President has raised several issues with the committee, from cinematographers’ copyright to dealing with Screen Australia, and there are several issues that the committee will need to address in the coming months.

With one such issue, namely an imminent review of the controversial filming guidelines at Uluru, it would be good to canvass the views and experiences of as many members as possible. This should become increasingly easy as our website develops further and creates a profile for each of the issues we’ve been involved with.

Dealing with Screen Australia has proved particularly disappointing from Day 1 and recent communications with its CEO have proved no exception. Our national industry body seems determined to ignore much of the work carried out by industry bodies such as the ACS, preferring instead to consume its diminishing resources liaising with other Government bureaucracies at a State and Territory level.

It remains important for the ACS to have a process in place for addressing any policy issues swiftly as they arise. And in the coming years, we hope that we’ll be able to engage more of our members in discussions about issues that will determine the future of our industry.

ACS Policy Committee
September 2010