Vale – Dr Jim Frazier OAM ACS DSC 1940 – 2022

It is difficult to encompass all that Jim Frazier stood for and his contribution to the global industry following his invention of the Frazier Lens.

This revolutionary technology changed the face of cinematography in such a way I would say it has never been surpassed.

But having said that, Jim had so much more to offer as a cinematographer and a humanitarian.

He possessed a modesty but was also a man who had an opinion and was not afraid to share it, such was his legacy. He was a mentor, a teacher and a guide to those who were happy to listen and join him on a journey. And it was a journey……to listen to his thoughts on the environment was captivating and at times intimidating.

We have lost a fine cinematographer and a great bloke. RIP Jim your legacy remains intact.

Ron Johanson OAM ACS (QLD)
Former National President

Jim Frazier was awarded a Technical Oscar in 1997 for his invention of the Frazier lens System.

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