Social Media submissions

How to submit assets for ACS Social Media

1. Please provide a Title, Date & Time for your post a minimum of 1 Week prior to your event or post.
2. Keep it short. An ideal text length for Facebook is 1-80 characters (10-20 words), and 150 characters for Instagram.
3. Consider Visual Engagement – provide a web link, image or video for your post.
4. Consider Accessibility – it is recommended that videos are close-captioned.
5. Aspect Ratios:
    – Vertical 4×5 (must be 1200×1500 px) – Facebook and Instagram
    – Square 1×1 (must be 1080×1080 px) – Facebook and Instagram
    – Story/IGTV 9×16 (must be 1080×1920 px) – Instagram
    – For Instagram, videos longer than 1 min will be posted on the REEL page and should also be vertical 9×16 aspect ratio
6. Send to your local branch Social Media committee member via the email links below:

Social Media Committee