Message to members on The Voice

ACS message to members – the Voice to Parliament

The referendum on the Voice to Parliament is an important moment in Australia’s growth as a nation and the significance of the outcome cannot be denied. The ACS does not advocate a position. However, the Society recognises that it may be a difficult time for members, while we are all a part of these challenging conversations around representation.

Vigorous debate coupled with strong emotional rhetoric are indicative of a nation in deep contemplation and we are not shielded from the rest of Australia – nor should we be.

It is at these nation defining moments that we should welcome moderation, understanding and support – not only for the Australian public at large but also our own community.

Much of our growth as the Australian Cinematographers Society can be attributed to how we manage and reconcile our own professional and personal relationships. It is these relationships that are deeply intrinsic to our maintaining our identity as a strong cohort of Australian storytellers.

We support and encourage all who feel they do not know enough about the proposed Voice to Parliament, to do what we all do when starting work on a new project – research the subject and avail ourselves of any and all information. Kerry O’Brien and Thomas Mayo’s book The Voice to Parliament Handbook, for example, is an excellent source of well researched, fact checked and detailed information.

Above all, we strongly encourage everyone to engage in respectful conversations and exchanges about these issues with our fellow Australians.

We Share. We Grow. We Evolve.

ACS National Executive

Authorised by Erika Addis
Australian Cinematographers Society
Level 2, 26 Ridge Street
North Sydney NSW 2060

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