• The provision of CANON professional imaging equipment to the ACS cinematography community.
  • To inspire them to do more with their imagery using the best possible tools to bring their story to life.
  • To nurture the future of our industry and provide inspiration through opportunity.
  • To provide positive outcomes for the mutual benefit the ACS and Canon.


Canon Australia will provide to successful applicants free of charge a range of Cinema EOS imaging equipment on loan to the ACS for the exclusive use of ACS members.

Round One Applications are now open and close August 7.

  • The equipment will be made available for the first round of successful applicants by August 31 2014. Conditions apply.

Submissions process ~ How many rounds?

There will be approximatley Four (4) submissions rounds annually, to use the equipment provided free of charge from Canon.
Round One Opens July 1, 2014
Additional submission rounds will be announced for December 2014.
2015 Rounds: February, April, July & October 2015.

Special Conditions

  • An ACS appointed senior member would act as a mentor during the shooting of the projects.
  • Equipment will be housed and maintained /serviced by Canon Australia.
  • The equipment must be insured by the successful Applicants, and in each instance a cover note must be provided.
  • The applicant will pay for any loss or repairs not covered by their insurance. Equipment must be securely stored during the loan period.
  • Any relevant freight costs to ship equipment from Canon in Sydney, NSW to another location and return will be the responsibility of the recipient.
  • Any damage or insurance excess is to be paid for by the Applicant. Canon Australia will provide a 30% discount to any repairs necessary, not covered by insurance.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Any loss or damage to be reported to Canon immediately. Applicant must not carry out repairs elsewhere.

Canon publicity

  • Canon will publish endorsements or inspirational stories of users experience with Canon imaging equipment under this program.
  • Canon requires non exclusive access to a limited amount of the footage captured on the equipment provided by Canon Australia under this initiative. It may be used to promote the cinematographer/applicant, and the partnership between Canon Australia and the ACS, in particular relating to this specific initiative, on Canon web &/or social media platforms.
  • Canon to organise two events per year that celebrate the quality of work and professionalism of the ACS members who were participants in the Canon ACS initiative( TBC)

Projects eligible for consideration for the initiative

A). Specific Environmental/Social issue documentaries

B). “Spec” television commercials for showreel purposes

C). Music Clip for a “start up”, unsigned band or artist

D). Experimental projects with a similar narrative to the documentary strand

Submissions process

Who can apply?

Entries will only be accepted from financial ACS members, with preference given to emerging cinematographers.
Student Members are welcome to apply, however student class projects are excluded from the program.

What will you need to prepare?

  • Submissions MUST include a Treatment or Scenario including a rational for applying for the initiative (no longer than 5 pages).
  • A budget.
  • A Production Schedule
  • CV’s for key crew.

Applications to be submitted by email.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
For specific details please contact either Ron Johanson or Helen Barrow.

It is advisable to discuss eligibility of application before submitting.

  • Successful submissions will be decided by a panel of 5 from Canon Australia and the ACS.
  • Email Ron or Helen for full application details:
  • ACS member Helen Barrow will coordinate the initiative, and sit on the judging panel.
  • ACS National President Ron Johanson OAM ACS

For additional phone queries or clarification:

Helen Barrow ~ Mobile: 0409 300 040
Ron Johanson OAM ACS ~ Mobile: 0413 264 400

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