IMAGO 30th Anniversary Report

ROME, 23-25 March 2023

Ron Johanson OAM ACS

It has been almost three years to the day since returning from the last in-person gathering of the International Federation of Cinematographers (IMAGO) for an IMAGO Annual General Assembly (IAGA) in Brussels at the start of the global pandemic, which has impacted us all.

Outside the Cinecitta Studio

2023 is IMAGO’s 30th Anniversary and it presented member countries with the opportunity to attend, once again in-person, an IMAGO Annual General Assembly. This year in Rome, a special anniversary celebration in Rome, held in the Eternal City at the legendary Cinecitta Studios, and specifically the iconic Palazzina Fellini.

IMAGO recognised its landmark anniversary in conjunction with the IAGA. The event took place in Rome from 23 to 25 March and, I had the honour to attend and represent Australia on behalf of the Society.

The Spirit of Imago is alive and well.

I believe it remains imperative that we, the ACS as a Society, need to remain an active, participating member of IMAGO in order to be part of a group of cinematographers across a global canvas that can do great things. This in many ways will not be achieved unless we retain our solidarity and above all our global friendship and mutual respect.

Sincere thanks to Mustapha Barat, our IMAGO President for his wisdom, patience and good grace. Also thanks to Alex Linden FSF for his ongoing commitment to IMAGO and Marcela Bourseau for her work as our Treasurer and Manager of the 30th Anniversary. To members of the IMAGO Board and the AIC a huge vote of thanks.

 Ron Johanson OAM ACS
IMAGO Delegate

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L-R, Tahvo Hirvonen (Finland), Nigel Walters BSC, Ron Johanson OAM ACS

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