Ron Windon ACS (d.2017)

Inducted into ACS Hall of Fame – 2005

Ron has served on many committees of the Society and is a past NSW State & National President of the Society. During his term in office as President in 1970 and 71 he conceived the original format of to-day’s ACS Awards system. He personally designed the original Golden Tripod Award, and consulted model maker Helmut Fischer who refined it and manufactured the trophy for a number of years. Since then Ron has always maintained a strong interest and support for the Society. Ron’s father Fred Windon was a well respected Chief Electrician at Cinesound Studios from 1948 to 1958. With the advent of television in 1956 Ron joined Cinesound in the Lighting Department under his dad alongside fellow gaffers Sid Mayo, Roy Crellin and Mark Wisken.

His dream of being a cinematographer came to fulfilment in 1960 when Bob Feeney ACS departed Movietone News to take up a position with ABC-TV. Ron promptly applied for the position left vacant by Bob, and was constantly on the phone pestering the Chief Cameraman – Syd Wood. Syd finally relented and gave Ron the job. Ron was promoted to Chief Cameraman in 1963 following Syd’s move to producing and editing the television series ‘On This Day’ and ‘A Year to Remember’.

In 1968, Eric Porter Productions at North Sydney offered Ron a position as DOP. Eventually at the request of Eric Porter, he started directing, but soon missed being behind the camera lens and working with light, for his first love was cinematography, so Eric agreed to him then taking on the role of Director/Cinematographer.

In 1973 he resigned and went freelance, which eventually led to him establishing his own production company. His company successfully produced many television commercials and documentaries both nationally and internationally, often shooting for Ad Agencies in Paris, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Tokyo & KL. Ron has won many Awards in the US, UK and Aus, for his cinematography and directing. In 1973 he directed the first Australian commercial “Uncle Sam Deodorant” to be inducted into the Clio International Hall of Fame.

Ron joined the ACS in 1960 and was accredited by the Australian Cinematographers Society in 1967 and holds Accreditation Certificate No. 70. He was the fourth NSW State & National President of the ACS.

Ron was made a Life Member of the Society in 2005.