Geoffrey Hall ACS


Inducted into ACS Hall of Fame – 2021

Geoffrey Hall’s interest in photography started in Melbourne when he was eight years old. His father took him to the small film lab that he worked at in Malvern and it was there that Geoff witnessed a printed photo develop in front of him and he was hooked.

Geoff then went on to study art and design at Prahran College in Melbourne and was inspired by the photographic lecturer and renowned photographer Athol Shmith and filmmaker Paul Cox.

He studied film and TV at Swinburne and then went on to freelance in the Melbourne film industry.

Geoff became an ACS member in 1993 and soon after started his career as a cinematographer shooting music videos and commercials. He shot his first feature length film in 1995, and has since moved on to shoot many awarded feature films and TV series such as Chopper, Red Dog, Escape from Pretoria, Bloom, and Pine Gap among many others. He was made an Accredited member of the ACS in 1998.

Geoff has been nominated eight times for AACTA awards and received the AACTA Award for Wolf Creek and Bloom television series.

He has been the recipient of three ACS Gold tripods and awarded the SA and WA Milton Ingerson Best Entry Award on three occasions.

Inspired by many of his mentors in the ACS, Geoff has enthusiastically passed on the knowledge he has gained over his career by conducting a variety of ACS Q&A’s, seminars and Masterclasses.