David Eggby ACS

David Eggy ACS (Born 1950, in London)

David immigrated to Australia in 1959.

David embarked on a four-year apprenticeship in the smash repair industry but applied to an advertisement his mother saw for a trainee with Crawford’s, starting as a gofer he learned about the film and television production over the next eighteen months then took up an internship with a fairly well known photographer, followed by a short stint with a fashion/retail photographer, then took an entirely new direction joining the Navy, where he was a Naval Airman Photographer for six years filming every landing and take-off with an old Hell & Howell windup, 16mm camera.

Post Navy David returned to Crawford’s who were creating four popular tv shows at the time. He spend a couple of months as an assistant before being promoted to senior DoP on one of the shows, this led to a phone call from Byron Kennedy who had been told about David by two directors, this call was followed by a call from George Miller who was about to make Mad Max, that was in 1977 – Since then David has been credited with 42 films, the most recent being Roddick.

David has been an active member of the ACS since 1987 and winner of the 2001 Gold Tripod and Milli Award where he was name Cinematographer of the Year for Pitch Black.

David was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012

ACS Victoria Q&A with David Eggby ACS on his feature film “Riddick” (Vimeo)