Hall of Fame inductee list

The ACS Hall of Fame was created to recognize individuals who have made a significant or extraordinary contribution to the craft of cinematography, the Society and the film & television industry. Those who have made exceptional contributions that have furthered the growth, the reputation and character of the ACS in categories such as administration; teaching and most importantly have had a ‘profound positive influence’ on the Society or the industry.

Year inducted Name (select to view full profile) Branch
2024 Nicola Daley ACS BSC NSW
2024 Andrew Taylor ACS NSW
2024 Peter Menzies Snr ACS (d.2014) NSW
2023 Robert Krasker BSC ASC National
2023 Laurence McManus ACS NSW
2023 David Gribble ACS NSW
2022 Patricia Walter SA
2022 Malcolm Ludgate ACS SA
2022 Kim Batterham ACS NSW
2021 Terrance Byrne ACS NSW
2021 Michael Edols ACS (1942-2018) NSW
2021 Geoffrey Hall ACS SA
2020 Dion Beebe ACS ASC NSW
2020 John Wheeler ACS VIC
2020 Roger Lanser ACS NSW
2019 Anna Howard ACS NSW
2019 Damien Peter Parer National
2019 Nino Martinetti ACS QLD
2018 Alan Cole ACS VIC
2018 JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick SA
2018 Ossie Emery ACS NSW
2017 Mandy Walker ACS ASC NSW
2017 Stephen F Windon ACS ASC NSW
2016 Ellery Ryan ACS VIC
2016 Louis Irving ACS NSW
2015 Keith Bryan Loone ACS NSW
2015 Martha Ansara NSW
2015 Sir George Hubert Wilkins National
2014 Bede Whiteman NSW
2014 Reg Perier ACS NSW
2014 Richard Bailie-Mace ACS NSW
2013 Charles Pierre (Peter) Donnelly ACS TAS
2013 Peter Hannan ACS BSC NSW
2013 Mike Molloy ACS BSC NSW
2013 Les Wasley BEM (1928 – 2014) National
2012 David Muir ACS BSC VIC
2012 Barry Woodhouse ACS VIC
2012 David Eggby ACS VIC
2011 Ron Taylor AM ACS & Valerie Taylor AM NSW
2011 Malcolm Richards VIC
2010 David Burr ACS NSW
2010 David (Spider) Lewis ACS NSW
2010 Howard Rubie ACS NSW
2009 Calvin Gardiner ACS NSW
2009 Jim Gilbert ACS QLD
2009 Ted Taylor ACS QLD
2008 David Brill AM ACS NSW
2008 David Parer AO ACS VIC
2007 Keith Wagstaff ACS VIC
2006 Ernie Clark ACS SA
2006 Ron Horner ACS NSW
2005 Geoff Burton ACS NSW
2005 John Bowring ACS VIC
2005 Ron Windon ACS (d.2017) NSW
2004 Arthur Hansen ACS (1905-1994) NSW
2004 Daryl Binning OAM ACS WA
2004 Jan Kenny ACS NSW
2004 Robin Copping ACS VIC
2003 Ron Johanson OAM ACS QLD
2003 David Wakeley ACS NSW
2003 James Francis (Frank) Hurley (1885-1962) National
2003 Ron Hagen ACS (1947-2002) VIC
2002 Andrew Lesnie ACS ASC (1956-2015) NSW
2002 Butch Calderwood OAM ACS NSW
2002 George Lowe ACS (1912-2002) NSW
2002 Ted Rayment ACS NSW
2001 Graham Lind ACS (1941-2001) NSW
2001 John McLean ACS NSW
2001 Milton Ingerson OAM ACS (1929-2005) SA
1999 Peter James ACS ASC NSW
1998 Andrew Leith Goodall (1903-1978) National
1998 Bert Nicholas ACS (1910-1991) NSW
1998 Dr Jim Frazier OAM ACS NSW
1998 Edwin Scragg ACS (1940-1997) QLD
1998 Keith Taylor ACS VIC
1998 Phil Pike ACS (1928-2001) NSW
1998 Russell Boyd ACS ASC NSW
1998 Vic John ACS VIC
1998 Vernon Frederick Wagstaff ACS (1909-1995) VIC
1997 Syd Wood ACS NSW
1997 Dean Semler AM ACS ASC NSW
1997 Alex McPhee Snr. (1912-1989) VIC
1997 Arthur Embery Higgins ACS (1891-1963) NSW
1997 Bruce Hillyard ACS NSW
1997 Don McAlpine ACS ASC NSW
1997 Jack Gardiner ACS (1921-1996) NSW
1997 John Gaskell Leake OAM ACS (1929-2009) NSW
1997 John Seale AM ACS ASC NSW
1997 John William (Bill) Trerise ACS (1898-1987) NSW
1997 Neil Davis (1934-1985) National
1997 Robert (Bob) Feeney ACS (1925-2002) NSW
1997 Ross Wood Snr. ACS (1916-1980) NSW