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Simon Akkerman ACS


During Simon's 40 + year career as a cinematographer, he has worked on many wild assignments. These include documenting the last unexplored region in the World, the Maliue Basin, Sabah, Malaysia. Other assignments included the filming of the storm waters for the Peter Weir movie, Master and Commander the Far Side of the World.
Simon was also Camera Operator and 2nd Unit Director of Photography on Windrider, a film shot in 1985, starring a very young nineteen year old Nicole Kidman. Shortly thereafter he shot the twin cult films, The Strike of the Panther and The Day of the Panther. In later years, he was Director of Photography on a number of series such as Fast Tracks, Streetsmartz, Wormwood and the most recent multi award winning Stormworld. Filmed on locations on 3 continents, Simon completed the series at the Bridge Studios in Vancouver, Canada. In Indonesia Simon was Guru and Director of Photography on a series called, Dua Sisi Mata Uang, copied from the Dallas series, for which Bang Bang Suharto, son of the former President Suharto of Indonesia, brought in Joanne Brough, the creator of Dallas, Falcon Crest and Masters of the Seas to produce the production. He has further filmed the building of Gas Platforms in the Philippines, Singapore, Western Australia and Timor. Joining the Australian Cinematographers Society in 1981 he became a fully accredited member in 1986 and proudly carries the initials ACS behind his name serving the Society as ACS WA branch President since 2014. Simon is also one of the instigators of Professional Film Crew WA where he also serves on the committee.

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