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Collab Cinematography - Special Terms & Conditions

Beginning with the ACS State and Territory Awards for Cinematography in 2019, the ACS is now permitting entry of Collab Cinematography projects into the awards. (See bottom of page for special Entry Form information)
If you are a financial ACS Accredited or Cinematographer level member and have shot a Collab you may wish to enter into the awards, it is important you read the information below.

1. The ACS DEFINITION. A "collab." is a term used to describe a collaboration between people to produce something creative, most commonly referring to video and music works. The ACS sets out here its strict interpretation of the term in relation to collabs made by ACS members and specifically how they may be eligible to enter the ACS Awards for Cinematography. Other interpretations of the term "collab" (whilst they may be valid) do NOT apply for the ACS interpretation.

In order to enter the ACS Awards as Collab Cinematography, the entrants must ensure and verify the entry meets the following descriptions of a Collab:
Two cinematographers, from the outset of the project, equally share the role of cinematographer in a totally collaborative way. Each cinematographer must contribute knowledgably to the work, without requiring supervision or instruction from the other. Creative and open discussions must be prevalent throughout the entire project resulting in cinematography from the minds of two as though from the mind of one. The cinematographers must NOT work independently of one another. Each shot, scene and/or sequence must portray the dual authorship of both cinematographers. Each cinematographer must be involved in pre-production, principal photography, any substantial pick ups or 2nd Unit and any post production which involves cinematographic input.

2. “Joint Cinematography” is NOT the same as Collab Cinematography. Joint cinematographers on a project are not permitted to enter the ACS Awards together. Joint cinematography is shot by multiple cinematographers where two or more cinematographers who worked at separate times and/or places on the project may have shot the entry. One may have replaced the other, stepped in for part of the shoot, or shot specific scenes or sequences. This may also refer to the 2nd Unit DP. Although the multiple cinematographers may have been sympathetic to the look of the film to create a coherent style, it is not a ‘collaboration’ per se. Multi-cam shooting is also considered joint cinematography in this instance.

3. ONLY financial 'Cinematographer' or 'Accredited' level ACS members are eligible to submit a collab cinematography entry together. This applies to BOTH the entrants. CineKids, Students and Camera Crew members are NOT eligible.

4. The term “cinematographer” is expressed here as meaning the same as “Director of Photography”, “DP” or “DOP”. Camera Operators are not considered Cinematographers in this case.

5. Two cinematographers (Director’s of Photography) must have shot the collab. A cinematographer or other person supervising or instructing a camera operator or other non-cinematographer is not eligible as a collab.

6. Apart from the two entrants, any additional cinematography by other cinematographers must not exceed 20% of the total running time of the entry. Any footage NOT shot by the entrants must be clearly noted by timecode, watermark or clear description, such as “Not the beach scenes”.

7. A collab entry must meet the definition of a Collab Cinematography entry as described in these Terms & Conditions at Point #1. If the entry is deemed not to meet the requirements, the entry will not be judged nor any refund given. If in any doubt speak to your branch before submitting. Allow at least one week prior to the entry submission period closing. THE ACS reserves the right to reject an entry it does not deem meets the collab eligibility.

8. Both entrants must be credited as the project’s cinematographers (DP’s, DOP’s) in any on-screen titles or credits and/or any publicity and press release or published reviews. That is, the project must acknowledge that both entrants shot it collaboratively.

9. The entrant cinematographers must decide who is to be considered the official entrant. Any awards will be engraved as follows, “Entrant’s Name and Other ACS Member’s Name”. For example: Cat 10. Documentaries. ACS Gold Award for Cinematography. “My Doco” Erin Campbell ACS and David Johnson ACS. The first name to appear on the entry form will be considered the Entrant’s Name on any awards and credits.

10. If an entry wins, only one award plaque or tripod will be presented. At the awards ceremony both winners may accept the award (if applicable) but no time extension will be allowed. Collab winners are treated as one person in all regards. Additional duplicate awards may be purchased through the ACS Shop.

11. A collab entry can be entered only once into the awards.
12. Entries will be recorded and archived as Collab Entries in the ACS database.
13. Collab entries are not eligible for the Milli Award.
14. Collab entries are charged the same fee as single entries in the category.
15. Judges will be made aware the entry they are judging is a collab. However, the judges are not made aware of the entrant's identity.

ENTRY FORM information: The current Entry Form could not be amended in time for these awards and as such does not allow describing the Collab entry. Please use the "Additional Cinematographers" field on the entry form to list the two collaborator cinematographers. (You can ignore the note not to use names in this field). Please write "COLLAB Entry. Cinematographers are [Entrant's Name] and [Other collab cinematographer's name].

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