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ARRI Academy workshops - Discount Code for ACS Members

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Date: 1 Apr - 6 May 2018

ARRI is happy to announce that Florian Retich, Senior Trainer for ARRI Academy at ARRI HQ in Munich will be travelling to New Zealand for two Certified User Training sessions in April/May. We're offering a two day workshop on Camera Systems and a one day workshop on our Electronic Control System in Auckland. Limited to 12 participants, each course will enhance your knowledge of topics such as exposure for HDR and carrying metadata from pre-production into post. Whether you're an industry professional looking for a refresher on new technologies or a camera assistant looking to step up in the industry, these courses will extend your skill-set and give you confidence in your abilities.

ARRI Camera Systems Certified User Training:
Understanding linear light, logarithmic and video encoding
Advantages of ARRIRAW and ProRes codecs
Creative ARRI look workflows and ARRI coluor science
Understanding recording formats and their applications
Exposing for SDR and HDR
How to monitor in HDR and wide color gamut
How to team up ALEXA SXT and ALEXA Mini on a project
Exclusive insights into ARRI camera and sensor design
Wireless camera control via Electronic Control System and WiFi
How to handle the ARRI post-production workflow
Introduction to ALEXA LF

Electronic Control Systems Certified User Training:
The advantages of the Electronic Control System when used with any camera and any lens.
How to use hand units, motor controllers, lens motors, lens data encoders and distance measurers.
Hands-on skills with all systems: the universal system, the ALEXA System, the ALEXA Mini system, the single-channel system and the servo-zoom system with focus tracking.
The benefits of the integrated ARRI Lens Data System for both on-set and postproduction tasks.

The discount code is: ACS10, members can apply it once they get to the ticket pag


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