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Leitz Cine Wetzlar

On June 15th CW Sonderoptic reveals a full relaunch under the new brand name Leitz Cine Wetzlar to coincide with the opening event of the new Leitz Park in Wetzlar, Germany.

Leitz Cine Wetzlar carries on the legacy started by CW Sonderoptic as production begins at its all new factory. For over a decade we have been amongst the industry leaders in cinematographic elements as CW Sonderoptic.

“Our rebranding to Leitz marks a natural evolution and renewed commitment to growth in this field as well as an homage to Ernst Leitz who created Leica over a century ago. Until the late 80’s all Leica lenses carried the name ‘Ernst Leitz Wetzlar‘. Our new name carries the weight and responsibility of this heritage - and it is one we do not take lightly”,
explains Gerhard Baier, managing director of Ernst Leitz Wetzlar.

Originally started as CW Sonderoptic nearly a decade ago, our cine lens development has revolutionized the field of cinematography by introducing the famous Leica look of our photography lenses to the cinema world. Cinematographers have chosen our lenses for a string of international blockbusters and a variety of award-winning films. In 2015 we received the Scientific and Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for innovative lens design. Just like CW Sonderoptic, Leitz will continue and elevate our heritage of quality, hand-built cinema lenses.

To deal with the expansion and ever-growing demand for our quality optics our cine lens department moved to its own factory at the new Leitz Park. This move is not only necessary at this point in our history but also sets the stage for a new age in our development of our endeavor - The Age of Leitz.

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