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CONGRATULATIONS to all the 2015 VIC/TAS Award Winners

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Date: 29 Nov 2015

2015 VIC/TAS ACS Cinematography Award Winners


Gold Certificate: Catriona Warren - Aria Taylor's Best Mistake

Student Cinematography

Bronze: Felicia Smith - The Travelling Salesman
Silver: Thomas Hayes - Mr Zhang Comes to Australia

Experimental & Specialised

Bronze: Stefan Duscio - A Romance of Many Dimensions
Gold: Pawel Achtel - Best of Palau
Gold: Peter Nearhos ACS - BBC Life Story

Music Videos:

Bronze: Simon Green - Jordan Léser - "Prisoner of Pride"
Silver: Charlie Sarroff - James Supercave - "Right Thing"
Silver: David Rusanow - Big Scary "Organism"
Gold: Sherwin Akbarzadeh - Troye Sivan - "Happy Little Pill"
Gold: Matt Wood - Life is Better Blonde - “Follow Me”
Gold: Matt Wood - "Hopium - "Right Now"

Syd Wood ACS Local/Regional News

Gold: Matt Jasper - Batdan

Neil Davis International News

Gold: Aaron Hollett - Gaza Airstrike
Gold: Aaron Hollett - Gaza Children

Current Affairs

Silver:Aaron Hollett - Syrian Migrants

John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks & Promos

Bronze: Michael Wylam - South East Asia Games
Silver: James Brown - Fox Sports RWC
Gold: Matt Wood - Jake Simken Profile
Gold: Beau Molloy - Sebastien Ogier
Gold: Beau Molloy - Inside Africa - Conservation

Corporate & Educational

Bronze: Filip Laureys - Joran Mandik - Exchange Student at RMIT University
Silver: Sherwin Akbarzadeh - Nike - Summer 2016 Hype Reel
Silver: Jerome Pelletier - For Women In Science - Muireann Irish
Gold: Jerome Pelletier - WWF - Fishery Improvement Project
Gold: Jerome Pelletier - The Mojo
Gold: John Wheeler ACS - Australian Ballet - Argyle Pink Diamond

Web Content & New Media

Bronze: Peter Corbett - Flying
Silver: Adam Howden - Royal Caribbean - Flowrider
Silver: Adam Howden - Connective Threads
Gold: Sherwin Akbarzadeh - Fixed on Fixed
Gold: Thomas Waugh - Kunanyi
Gold: Thomas Waugh - Dover


Silver: Peter Falk ACS - 8K Radius - Pekx
Silver: Trent Butler ACS - PNG's Snake Man
Gold: Jaems Grant ACS - Uranium "Twisting the Dragon's Tail" Ep Three The Rock in our Future
Gold: Trent Miller - Tour de Cure
Gold: Bruce Phillips ACS - The Last Mirror Maker

Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature

Gold: Pawel Achtel - Sea of Love Teaser

Advertising - Local/Regional

Bronze: Cesar Salmeron - World of Metricon
Silver: John Wheeler ACS - Veridian
Silver: Adam Howden - Just Jeans - Summer
Gold: Adam Howden - RACV - Save The Day
Gold: Warwick Field ACS - Mini Cooper - Absinthe
Gold: Charlie Sarroff - Dockers

Advertising – National/International

Bronze: Warwick Field ACS - Mazda CX5 "Romy"
Silver: Simon Ozolins ACS - Yalumba
Silver: Stefan Duscio - Glassons / Made of Here
Gold: Jeremy Rouse - Bank Of Melbourne 'The Makers'
Gold: James Brown - Harris Coffee
Gold: Jeremy Rouse - Vodafone 'Bucket List'

Dramatised Documentaries

No Entries

Shorts Films

Bronze: Sherwin Akbarzadeh - Artemis
Silver: Jeremy Rouse - Florence Has Left the Building
Silver: Josh Mitchell-Frey - Bathrooms
Gold: Warwick Field ACS - Vampir
Gold: Sky Davies - Goodnight Sweetheart
Gold:Michael Wylam - Lorne

Drama or Comedy & Telefeatures

Gold: Germain McMicking - Gallipoli Ep. 7

Features - Cinema

Bronze: Laszlo Baranyai ACS HSC - Downriver
Silver: Germain McMicking - Partisan
Silver: Ian Jones ACS - Force Of Destiny
Gold: Bentley Dean - Tanna
Gold: Adam Arkapaw ACS - Macbeth
Gold: Germain McMicking - Holding The Man

Special Awards


"Macbeth" Adam Arkapaw ACS

Congratulations to all award winners, and thank you to our sponsors and supporters.


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