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CONGRATULATIONS to all the 2015 NSW/ACT Award Winners

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Date: 7 Nov 2015

2015 NSW/ACT ACS Cinematography Award Winners


CineKids 11 Yrs & Under
Gold: Momoko Hill-Travis - I Scream

CineKids 12-15 Years
Gold: Darwin Schulze - Mission Implausible

Student Cinematography

Bronze: Jarryd Hall - Legacy
Silver: Benjamin Cotgrove - The Fruity
Silver: Miller Best - Idle
Gold: Jovan Atanackovic - Harvest

Experimental & Specialised

Silver: Michael O'Rourke - girl + ghost
Silver: Damian Smith Reflections
Gold: Jonathan Shaw - Life on the Reef - episode 1

Music Clips:

Bronze: Callan Green ACS - Eves The Behavior ~ TV
Silver: Meg WhiteMeg White - Remedy
Silver: Bruno Kataoka - Fytch "In these Shadows" (feat. Carmen Forbes)
Gold: Dan Freene ACS - Grace "Pluto"
Gold: Danny Ruhlmann ACS - Maddisen Ward and Momma Bear "Silent Movies"
Gold: Ross Giardina ACS - George Maple "Vacant Space"

Syd Wood ACS Local/Regional News

No awards were given in this category

Neil Davis International News

Bronze: Tim Stewart - Beneath the Somme ~ Seven News Sydney
Silver: Tim Stewart - Band of Brothers, The Seabrooks ~ Seven News Sydney
Silver: Matthew Allard ACS - Trauma
Gold: Matthew Allards ACS - Sea Gypsies

Current Affair

Bronze: Quentin Davis - Battle for Tarwyn Park ~ pts 1 & 2
Silver: Gregory Barbera ACS - To Hell and Home
Silver: Matthew Allard ACS - Ditching The Draft
Gold: Ashleigh Carter - Richie Benaud
Gold: Benjamin Foley - Afghanistan's Billion Dollar Drug War

John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks & Promos

Bronze: Ashleigh Carter - Queensland Origin Team
Silver: Ashleigh Carter - Mykonos
Silver: Warwick Brown - Australia's next top model opening titles
Gold: Emilio Abbonizio - Wentworth 2014 ~ Promo Foxtel
Gold: Emilio Abbonizio - Foxtel Australia's Next Top Model Promo 2014
Gold - Zoe White - Foxtel - Smooth TV Ident

Corporate & Educational

Bronze: Benjamin Shepherd - City of Sydney New Years Eve Campaign 2014
Silver: Viv Scanu ACS - Jurlique
Silver:Graeme Beck - Hospital for Specialist Surgery
Gold: Kevin Scott - Commonwealth Bank ~ HyperLapse
Gold: Dale Alexander Bremner - Telstra Everyone connected
Gold: Dale Alexander Bremner - Testra Access for everyone

Web Content & New Media

Bronze: Benjamin Shepherd- Vetus Teaser
Silver: Casimir Dickson - Riff Raff
Silver: Emma Paine- Infused Honey
Gold: Robb Shaw-Velzen ACS - The Inventor
Gold: Emma Paine- We Will
Gold: Ross Giardina ACS - BPM - Elegant Hedonism


Bronze: Toby Ralph - Redesign My Brain 2
Silver: Peter Coleman ACS - Bespoke - "Rise of the Makers" ~ episode 1
Silver: Rob Scheeren - The Road To Monterey
Gold: Justin Hanrahan ACS - The Champions
Gold: Justin Hanrahan ACS - Why Anzac with Sam Neil
Gold: Maxim Drygin - Big Day Of #6

Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature

No entries were received in this category

Advertising - Local/Regional

Bronze: Damian Smith - Nowheretogo
Gold: Michael Fardell - CBR Brand Film
Gold: Timothy Tregoning - Angus Barrett ~ The Saddler
Gold: Ross Giardina ACS - NRMA ~ Home

Advertising National/International

Bronze: Andrew Buckley - Bombshell
Silver: Timothy Tregoning - Qantas ~ Family
Silver: Ross Emery ACS - Gillette ~ Boxhead
Gold: Timothy Tregoning - Toyota 690 ~ Spin The World
Gold: Earle Dresner - Lexus ~ Heart Racing
Gold: Ross Giardina ACS - Shell ~ Real Destinations

Dramatised Documentaries

Gold: Dave Cameron ACS - The Monster of Mangatiti
Gold: Steve Arnold ACS - JFK ~ Smoking Gun

Shorts Films

Bronze: Tania Lambert - The Frontier
Silver: Tristan Milani ACS - Bluey
Silver: Joel Froome - The Bespoke Tailoring of Mister Bellamy
Gold: Peter Eastgate - Death in Bloom
Gold: Ross Giardina ACS - Oranges Don't Grow on Trees
Gold: Ross Giardina ACS - Mother

Drama or Comedy & Telefeatures

Silver: Simon Chapman ACS - Glitch ~ episode 3
Gold: Bruce Young - The Code ~ episode 4
Gold: Jules O'Loughlin ACS- Black Sails ~ episode 16

Features - Cinema

Bronze: Simon Chapman ACS - Cut Snake
Silver: Carl Robertson ACS - Infini
Silver: Steve Arnold ACS - Last Cab to Darwin
Gold: Benjamin Shirley ACS - The Pack
Gold: Andrew Lesnie ACS ASC - The Water Diviner
Gold: John Seale AM ACS ASC - Mad Max: Fury Road

Special Awards

Ross Wood Snr ACS Judges Award for 2015 Best Entry

John Seale AM ACS ASC - Mad Max: Fury Road

Congratulations to all award winners, and thank you to our sponsors and supporters.


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