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2nd AC Intensive Certificate Course conducted by ACS Victoria commences January 28th 2020


Do you want to be the BEST and BUSIEST 2nd AC in town?

After an incredibly successful inaugural course in January 2015 and then conducted again in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019... the Victorian Branch of the Australian Cinematographers Society is offering this highly sought after course for the 6th year due to popular demand

The ACS offers a unique opportunity to learn from the industry’s best camera department professionals and is the foremost authority and organisation for professional cinematography in Australia.

2nd AC Course: An intensive 9 Day practical and theoretical course designed for intermediate or beginner skill sets. Held in Melbourne’s leading rental houses, using all the equipment you will find on set today. The course covers industry standard best practice techniques and the latest workflow practices.

All course lecturers are leading, active industry professionals including DPs, 1st ACs, 2nd AC/Clapper Loaders, Data Wranglers and Camera Technicians. Some of the lecturers may even be your future employers!!

Dates: January 28, 29, 30, 31, then resumes February 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of 2020 (9 Days).

The days will run from approximately 9am till 5pm. Some days may run a little longer as is the nature of the film industry and you will be expected to stay on. The final day may not finish till 6pm.
Our approach to running the course is we treat it more like a shoot than a class. This helps get you ready for set life. You will be given call times and locations for each day. You will be expected to arrive before the call time (generally at least 15 minutes before) and find the location - just as you would if we employed you as a 2AC. Being late or going to the wrong location will impact your course result. We take this very seriously, as will your future employer.

Cost: $1500.
Places are limited to 10, so don't delay.

The Modules this course will cover include*:

Introduction to and practical experience with a variety of popular film and digital cameras including ARRI film and Alexa, Panavision film and digital, RED, Sony, Black Magic, Canon C series and Panasonic digital systems. An examination of 16mm/35mm film cameras (Aaton and Arriflex) is also provided.

Full examination of up to date and popular camera gear commonly found on set from geared heads to remote focus systems to data wrangling systems, encompassing correct handling and maintenance of this equipment.

Workshops with experienced camera assistants investigating the full breadth of a 2nd AC's role from pre-production to the post pathway. Practical exercises include correct actor marking techniques, lens handling, data wrangling, slating, focus pulling and trouble shooting common issues.

Working with Film. (This module is TBC at the moment.) An introduction to the intricacies of loading film from reading the label correctly to loading the magazine. Practical experience lacing cameras, checking gates and handling film stock.

Post-production. Session with an editor and assistant editor illustrating how far reaching the 2nd AC's role can be.

An explanation of the pivotal roles within a crew in relation to a camera assistant. With presentations by 1st AC's, 2nd AC's and Data Wranglers, Prep Techs and Camera Techs, Cinematographers, Producers, 1st AD and Production Managers, Safety Officer, Sound Recordists, Editors, Colourists, Grips and Gaffers.

Participants will be awarded an ACS Certificate upon successful completion of the course. Skill appraisal and examination will be conducted throughout the duration of the course to ensure the participant has achieved the highest level of training. It is this excellent skill set that will set you apart from others.

Places in this course are very limited and will be offered after Application. Please contact the Events team at ACS Victoria using the email link below and put "2nd AC Course" and "your name" in the Subject Line. For example, "2nd AC Course_Kate Jones".

You will be required to complete an application before being considered for the course. The role of 2nd AC includes accuracy, aptitude and promptness. Please take these traits into account with your reply and application.

*The small print: The exact structure of the course may vary slightly due to the nature of the industry and the kind generosity of our supporters.
The 2AC Certificate Course may be postponed if minimum student numbers are not reached by the cut off date.

How to apply


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