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Best Of Crew Award

The ACS Victoria and Tasmania "Best Of Crew" Award

In 2012 the Victorian and Tasmanian Branches launched the Best Of Crew Award, and the award continues to be presented each year.

The idea of the award is to recognize and honour the work of a crew member who has excelled above and beyond the call of duty in supporting a DOP to achieve great images.

Accredited and Full member cinematographers are invited to nominate someone they think fits that description. Each year from the nominations submitted, the judging panel chooses a winner who will be issued with a free ticket to the Awards and presented with the award at the ACS Victorian and Tasmanian Awards for Cinematography in November.

We think it is a great way of acknowledging the collaborative effort it takes to shoot excellent images.

ACS invites all Full and Accredited members to nominate someone they think is worthy of the award. It may be a member of your camera department, a Grip, a Gaffer, a Colourist, - anyone you feel went that step further to help make the images on screen great.

Write a descriptive paragraph or two outlining why you believe they should win best of crew siting examples of the work they did and how you feel that impacted on the cinematography in a special way. Then email the submission to the Victorian President using the link below before October 1st each year.

All submissions are confidential and the winner will be notified after the judging. Any unsuccessful nominations will remain strictly confidential and the nominee will not know they were put forward for the award.

Use the email Subject: "Best Of Crew Nomination_Their Name".

Previous Best Of Crew Award Recipients

2012 Gary Scott (1st AC)
2013 Sunny Wilding (1st AC)
2014 Ian Letcher (Colourist)

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