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Vale ~ Jonathan Dawson

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Vale ~ Jonathan Dawson

Jonathan Dawson died at 12.55am on the 10 of August 2013.

No man can replace my-phone-a-friend of choice Jono. The Font! What a freakish ability to store and recall… anything, any subject.

No one can top his total commitment to and his obsessive love of movies and especially his love and admiration of cinematography, of story telling, and the whole 'why this story, why you and why now?' of making movies.

No one. Sadly, that vault has closed.

His beautiful partner for 40 years Felicity, emailed me to advise of Jono’s passing. These are some of the words she chose.

"… we went back to the hospital at 1.00am... the only car on the streets…
wonderful rain… romantic and fitting. This is such a bugger."

Those words, that observation could have only have come from Flissy. Very fitting indeed that Jono should choose to go on a night so noir. Streets wet and shining, deep, dark shadows that I think (and Jono would agree) the genre invented. And romance… ahhhhh! The final ingredient.

Whilst many of you may not have known Jono, he was made a life member of the ACS a few years ago for his love, support and dedication to the art of cinematography.

Jono was a director, writer, film critic, media academic, raconteur… and true friend.

I cannot imagine a world without Jono.

Dick Marks OAM.
Editor AC Magazine.


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