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Postcards from Joel Froome in NY

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Postcards from Joel Froome in NY

Joel Froome shooting "Bonds NYC Love Story" for Bonds Australia

Hey Everyone, how're things?

I recently wrapped on a shoot here in NYC on a series of shorts called "Bonds NYC Love Story" for Bonds Australia.

This was written, directed by and starring the very talented Rachael Taylor, as part of a campaign to release Bonds clothing in the USA.

We shot all three films in the one day on the streets of the West Village. It was shot on the the Arri Alexa using Alura zooms.

We had a very busy schedule, especially with one of our locations situated on the 4th floor of a walk up building, but I had a great crew so we got it all done with no drama.

NYC is such a great place to shoot! The Mayors office of Film and TV, and Made in NY make it really easy as a production to film here, especially in an area like the West Village, that is so busy with both residents and tourists.

The videos are now up online on the Bonds website and also on youtube.

I hope to see you all next time I'm back in Australia!

Joel Froome


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