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ACS Headquarters Opening Speech - 3rd March 2011

The ACS first started thinking about a headquarters way back in 1958, when the Society was first formed. It was a dream then and has been that way….. up until now.

In November 2010 saw the culmination of many years of saving, planning and discussion that led to us being able to purchase our ACS National Headquarters.

This is a truly historic event for the Society and has only come about because of the dedicated people within the ACS and those supporters from within the Industry itself.

There are many individuals that deserve credit for this purchase finally coming to pass. From our founding fathers, to successive Federal Executives, the list is a long one, but there are men like, John Leake OAM ACS, Jack Gardiner ACS, Milton Ingerson OAM ACS and Bruce Hillyartd ACS, whose canny ability to invest wisely has really paid off.

The Federal Executive, two years ago decided to name the headquarters in honour of one of those remarkable men, John Leake OAM ACS. But it must be said, the National Headquarters is a testament to all our founding fathers and to those dedicated members that have come along since.

The original Headquarters committee, chaired by NSW President, Calvin Gardiner ACS, who is incidentally the son of Jack Gardiner ACS, searched relentlessly to find the right property. There was one other in contention, but it was felt the property at 26 Ridge St. North Sydney, comprising an entire floor, ticked most of the boxes. It was in a very central position with great facilities and represented a sound investment for the future. It required only cosmetic work to be undertaken on the interior once we finally take possession.

The National Headquarters gives the Society the opportunity to begin to centralise it's operations and gives all members a place to belong. The National Executive is pleased that all branches of the Society worked together to bring this piece of history to fruition.

The Society is grateful to FUJIFILM for there support, but thanks must also go to Marc Van Agten, for his counsel and commitment to the ACS.

I'm absolutely certain our founding fathers would have been very pleased with the end result.

Ron Johanson ACS
National President 2010


Good evening and welcome to our humble home…The John Leake OAM ACS National Headquarters…..or The Clubhouse.

Special welcome to four very special and important women to the ACS. I speak of Marion Leake, Nita Gardiner, Mary Wood and Norma Feeney. Also welcome to Bruce Hillyard ACS whose investment skills were instrumental in us being able to purchase these premises.

What you see around you actually began way back in 1958. That's 53 years ago, when a group of pioneers met for a beer and decided to form the Australian Cinematographers Society.

Today's date, March 3 is synonymous with the presentation of the first Articles of Association of that new organization.

The ACS was up and running!

Since then, there have been many changes, but the spirit and the meaning behind those letters ACS is still very much the same today. Commitment, passion and the sheer joy in doing what we do as cinematographers.

Technology changes but the friendships made over many years continue to grow.

This Clubhouse is a testament to those that have gone before. The ones that broke the rules, asked why it couldn't be done, discovered different ways to do things and ensured that the industry we know today is still capable of a bright future for all.

There are many to thank for this amazing transformation you see before you.

The Chair of the original committee that found the building, Calvin Gardiner ACS and the HQ committee; Tim McGahan ACS, David Wakeley ACS, David Lewis ACS, Marianne Wakeley and Mylene Ludgate.

Those directly involved in a "hands on way" with the rebuilding and furnishing of the interior include; Project and HQ Manager; David Lewis ACS, Interior Designer guru; Dee Molineaux, Dee's right hand man Tony Moss, the irrepressible David & Marianne Wakeley, Ron Windon ACS, Ted Rayment ACS, David Burr ACS, Lester Bishop, Peter Coleman, Grant Jordan, Roger Boyle, Steven Dal, Paul Howard, Paul Hambides, Peter Borosh ACS, Judd Overton, Kierin Fowler, Kim Sargenius, Samuel Vines, Peter MacDougal, Steve Moxey , who made the drive from Canberra, John Stokes ACS, John Morton, Michael Johnson, Carolyn Constantine, Franc Biffone, Sidat de Silva, Murray Stillman, Andrew Taylor and Lindsay Foote. If I've missed anyone please accept my apologies. All of these incredibly generous people hammered, nailed, painted, cut stuff, hung things, glued, re wired, re painted, laid carpet, moved furniture, made countless trips to the tip and so much more. Thanks to all of you.

As you entered you will have seen the ACS Patron Wall of Can Do. It is now my pleasure to present those companies and individuals, who have supported the HQ project in a financial way, or by providing equipment and services, with their ACS Patron certificates.

FUJIFILM Australia to be accepted by…Marc Van Agten.

SONY Australia to be accepted by Nick Buchner.

PANASONIC Australia to be accepted by Mathew Alexander.

ACS NEW SOUTH WALES BRANCH to be accepted by Calvin Gardiner ACS.

ACS QUEENSLAND BRANCH to be accepted by Tim McGahan ACS.

ACS SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BRANCH to be accepted by Ernie Clark ACS.

QVR COMMUNICATIONS to be accepted by Tony Johnson

DEESIGN to be accepted by the one and only Dee Molineaux & Tony Moss

VIDEOCRAFT Australia to be accepted by Janette Taylor

AIRVIEW XTREME AERIAL FILMING to be accepted by Nathan Tomlinson

Raeburn Trindall ACS 1958 Founding member to be accepted by Raeburn Trindall.

David & Marianne Wakeley ACS Members to be collected by David and Marianne.

Angarag Davaasuren ACS Member who lives in Nepal.

John Brawley ACS Member, John is not here this evening.

It is now my great honour to ask Marion Leake, Nita Gardiner, Mary Wood and Norma Feeney to unveil the ACS National Headquarters Commemorative plaque.

Once again thanks to all of you that have contributed to this historic event and to our founding fathers for the legacy they have left us.

Ron Johanson ACS
National President
March 3, 2011

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