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2020 SA & WA 40th Annual ACS Awards for Cinematography

On November 7 we held our 40th Annual SA & WA ACS Awards for Cinematography in the Secret Garden at the Marion Hotel. After pre dinner drinks and dinner we screened excerpts of each entry and played longer clips from the winning entries once they were announced.

Due to COVID-19 our National President Ron Johanson OAM ACS could not fly into Adelaide so we had a surprise Guest of Honour who was RJ the sock puppet and master ventriloquist Eddie Bannon, we were also entertained with live music from Samantha Edge.

Special Awards

The 2020 Milton Ingerson Award for the Best Entry went to Geoffrey Hall ACS for “Escape from Pretoria” now the first, three time winner, of this prestigious award.

The 2020 Cliff Ellis Memorial Award presented to the Camera Crew member showing the most potential went to Emerson Hoskin for “Carbon Dioxide”.

The Mercury CX Student Encouragement Award went to Olivia Tonkin for “I’m an Athlete” The winner receives $1,500 worth of Equipment or Facility Hire from Mercury CX.

Gold winners will be automatically entered into the 50th National ACS Awards for Cinematography which will be held in ACT on May 1 2021.

SA and WA Special Awards

The Milton Ingerson Award for Best Entry

The Milton Ingerson Award for the Best Entry was first awarded in 2005. This perpetual trophy recognises the most outstanding entry and is a lasting memorial to the legacy of Milton Ingerson ACS OAM. Milton reluctantly agreed to this award being named after him only months before he passed away. This award replaced our original Award for the Best Entry. At each awards the past winner is presented a framed photograph of the Milton Ingerson Award with a brass plaque stating their name and the Title of the winning entry.

The Cliff Ellis Memorial Award is presented to the Camera Crew Member showing the most potential. This award was named after Cliff Ellis, an ABC cameraman who delighted in training young members of our industry. This award was first presented in 1982 to Malcolm Ludgate ACS.

The Mercury CX Encouragement prize is a SA student encouragement award. The Media Resource Centre Award is for $1,500 worth of facilities / equipment hire to a South Australian Student entry. It began in 2005 and the winner also receives a Gold plaque from the ACS. Recipients have to reside in SA and be, or become, a member of the MRC to redeem this prize.

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